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Trump threatens vaguely to deport millions of undocumented immigrants next week

Trump said the agency would immediately start deporting undocumented migrants and urged Congressional Democrats to address the "border crisis". It was not immediately clear what plan Trump was talking about, and neither the White House nor the Immigration and Customs Bureau responded to CNN's request on Monday for clarification.

The tweets came hours before the president officially starts his bid for 2020. He started his campaign in 2016, promising to take a tough stance against illegal immigration by building a wall and freeing the country of undocumented immigrants, but the deportation of millions of people, as suggested by Trump on Monday, requires enormous amounts Resources, and ICE is already being charged by immigrants across the border illegally.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan declined to comment on CNN's tweets when he delivered a speech Tuesday morning.

A high-ranking government official told CNN Tuesday that over 1

million undocumented immigrants had been issued The federal state's final deportation orders are not yet in force in the country ", calling the enforcement of these court decisions a" top priority "for ICE [EarlierthismonthMarkMorganthenewactingdirectorofICEsaidtheagencywasexaminingoptionsforarrestinganddeportingfamilieswhohavegonethroughtheirtrialsandwhoareleavingtheUSThisoperationwouldapplytomigrantswitha"finalMorgandescribedthepotentialdeportationoffamiliesasawaytoreducetheincentiveformigrantstotraveltotheUnitedStatesasfamiliesareoftenreleasedaftertheirarrestthetimeinwhichchildrencanbekeptincustodyofthegovernmentbe

  Trump administrator is considering preliminary courts along the southern border
US officials with knowledge of "preparations have said in recent days that the operation was not imminent," and after Trump's tweets, ICE officials said they were "unaware that the president plans to put their enforcement plans on Twitter spread, "the Washington Post reported Monday.

Under former President Barack Obama, the department had a family operation in later years. It was revived in Trump's first year in office.

Last year, the President expressed his disappointment at Oakland's Mayor of California, Libby Schaaf, after warning the immigrant communities in her city about the ICE's raid on San Francisco Bay Area.

"They had nearly a thousand people ready to be fetched and taken off the street … 85% of them were criminals and had criminal records, and Oakland's mayor went out." and warned them all, "Trump said at the time, adding that their actions were a" shame. "

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