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Trump Transitional Adviser convicted of foreign prosecution charges

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                  Bijan Rafiekian has not testified to his own defense. | Jacquelyn Martin / AP File Photo </p>
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On Tuesday, a federal jury condemned the former Bijan Rafiekian business partner of Michael Flynn, who died in the After a weeklong trial and only about four hours of deliberation, this is a late court victory for Special Adviser Robert Mueller who won the US $ 600,000 lobbying and public relations contract -Dollar at the center of the case investigated and then forward the matter to another Federal prosecutors after Flynn's guilty commitment to e indictment for false statements in 2017. [19659010] Continuation of the following story

67-year-old Rafiekian faces up to 15 years in jail for dealing with the two crimes: acting as an unregistered foreign agent in the United States and one Conspiracy to violate this law and make false statements to the Ministry of Justice in a foreign representative office. The defendants are usually convicted under the federal guidelines, which are far below the maximum.

Flynn, who later served as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump for 24 days, was expected to be an important witness to Rafiekian. This is evidence that would burden his former partner on a plan, not to reveal that The lobbying and PR efforts of the Flynn Intel Group were actually managed and controlled by Turkish government officials.

Less than two weeks before the trial opens. There was a heated argument between the prosecutors and Flynn's new defense lawyers, leading to a sudden decision to drop Flynn as a witness.

The late shift – which seemed to burden the government's case – took place after prosecutors accused Flynn of withdrawing from registration In his plea, he argued that he was receiving false information in a late March 2017 Forei report to the Ministry of Justice transmitted gn Agent Registration Act on the work in Turkey.

Flynn's lawyers claimed that he did not remember reading the application before his approval, but the prosecutors did not strictly agree.

In Flynn's absence. Prosecutors used e-mails, Skype chats and other witnesses to prove that the Flynn Rafiekian enterprise project was approved by the Turkish government at the highest level.

The short-lived research, PR and lobbying efforts focused on building the public and supporting the government for one of the main goals of the Turkish government: the expulsion and delivery by the US of a dissident Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen. Gulen has lived in Pennsylvania for two decades and was blamed by Turkey's current leadership for a coup attempt in July 2016.

Despite this focus, Flynn and Rafiekian claimed that the project was funded and managed by a private Dutch firm owned by a Turkish businessman, Ekim Alptekin. Alptekin was charged with Rafiekian last year, but stays abroad.

While Flynn never took the stand, his role played a large role in much of the case, including in the final arguments of the defense on Monday.

"Where is Michael Flynn? Asked Rafiekian's defense attorney Mark MacDougall, who posted a photo of Flynn on TV screens in the courtroom and described Flynn as a "wholly-owned subsidiary of the prosecutor."

White House Addendum – MacDougall did not specifically accuse Flynn of tricking or cheating on his client The defender merely suggested that his absence from the government's case was highly suspect.

The prosecution said defending references to Flynn were an attempt to distract juries from harmful evidence against Rafiekian, including Skype Chats the FBI found on his computers Alptekin seemed to get the "green light" for the project from senior Turkish officials.

"Why are we talking about Flynn?" State Attorney Jim Gillis asked before spearing the defense's argument : "Do not look at my guy. … look at Flynn. Keep your eye while I take your bag.

Among the witnesses summoned by prosecutors was Flynn's former defender Robert Kelner, who testified that Rafiekian had told him nothing about some aspects of the Turks' involvement with officials.

Flynn's new legal team, led by Sidney Powell, a Dallas lawyer and stern Muller critic, was present throughout the process.

Following the guilty judgments, Powell expressed doubts about the government's case and insisted that the result be achieved should not affect Flynn's verdict, which is still pending.

"General Flynn has been working with the government for two years. Obviously, they did not need his testimony to get a conviction, "Powell said. "The government was unable to articulate the elements of the crime, nor did it possess evidence of its own definition of what is" essential. " This case can be reversed by the district court or on appeal. It will not stand the test. In any case, General Flynn has fulfilled his cooperation agreement. "

Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani asked for a response to the verdicts:" In my interpretation, the case against Flynn is fraught with so many criminal transgressions that it's outdated.

Rafiekian, who did not testify to his own defense, was allowed to remain free until further trial.

The Iranian-American businessman, who was Flynn's key partner in his short-lived consulting firm, also served as Advisor to the Trump Transition Team on National Security Issues. Rafiekian previously served on the Board of the Export-Import Bank, with Senate-confirmed appointments by President George W. Bush.

Whether the judgments will endure is unclear. During the trial, US District Judge Anthony Trenga stated that he was seriously considering a defense request for Rafiekian's acquittal, as the prosecution's evidence was too weak to support a conviction.

Trenga has not yet completed the motion and is being asked by Rafiekian's defense lawyers to reject the judges' verdicts. After the jury pronounced their guilty verdicts on Tuesday, the judge held a hearing on this petition in September.

"Mr. Of course, Rafiekian is disappointed with the verdict, "MacDougall said in a statement attended by fellow defenders Stacey Mitchell and Bob Trout. "We look forward to being heard by the court [at the September hearing] and to freeing Mr. Rafiekian from these charges."

No date has been set for Flynn's charges of false statements to which he pleaded guilty in 2017. The judge involved in the case has repeatedly postponed the conviction to allow Flynn to complete his work with prosecutors in the Rafiekian case.

It is unclear how the prosecution's decision not to call Flynn on his final term.

The Rafiekian trial could also affect Flynn's conviction, including a frightening but cryptic statement issued by the prosecutor immediately before the trial. It shows that the US government has several kinds of secret, secret evidence that the Turkish government has reached Flynn over Alptekin because of Michael Flynn's relationship with an ongoing presidential campaign.

While Flynn was not charged with his former business partner Pro in the case, the Sekutoren tried to call him a co-conspirator to win comments he made on Kian during the Turkish-linked project ,

It seems possible that the judge who condemned Flynn considers the verdicts affirmative that Flynn was effectively on the Turkish government's payroll while working on Trump's presidential bid.

Muller's team initially advised Flynn not to receive a jail term. It is not clear whether they will change that attitude, perhaps by arguing that what his lawyers say is his latest version of events related to the Turkey project is a reversal that amounts to a lack of cooperation.

Powell, Flynn's lawyer, said Tuesday that developments should not affect Flynn's verdict.

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