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Trump tries to clear Putin's assault – but evolving positions prove credulity

Under intense political pressure, the President continued by blaming the Russian cyber espionage attacker for the 2016 elections, as he had previously done in an interview with "CBS Evening News" on Wednesday.

But his continued refusal to bring Putin down personally suggests that the political storm will intensify after he accepts the Russian leader's assessment of his own intelligence services in a global press conference. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…01&Itemid=37 Would not go any further than the indirect charges against the Russian leader when Glor asked if Putin was telling the truth when he did that. Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…27&Itemid=47 […] did what the president called "extremely strong and powerful denial."

"I do not want to lie or not, I can only say that I have confidence in our intelligence services as they are currently constituting," said Trump Glor.

So again, in an interview in whi When he arrested President Barack Obama, former leaders of the intelligence services and the media who had sold "false news", Trump refused to reveal unambiguous criticism of Putin. His restraint fit a pattern in which he has long been interested in Putin and shied away from criticizing him. His hesitation will only contribute to growing issues that were once whispered in Washington, but are now openly debated as to whether the Russian government really has any compromising information about Trump.

Trump said that he was very strong privately The Russian leader said: "We can not have that", which refers to future election interference.

In this point, America will have to take Trump's word for it, since he declined to bring Putin this message publicly in their news (1


A presidency that was still stuck in Helsinki

Trumps The interview came another day of fierce upheaval, ambiguous statements, and harsh hostility to clean up the White House, which only aroused the mystery of what had happened in his closed one-on-one interview with Putin in the Finnish capital on Monday.

In many ways, even though he was two at home, Trump's presidency is still in Helsinki, and the more the White House tries to get out of the mess, the deeper it gets.

The President plunged into a new controversy on Wednesday when he was asked by a reporter if he did that. Englisch: www.germnews.de/archive//news/archive/1995/02/12.html National Coordinator Dan Coats says "the warning lights are flashing red again"

"Thank you very much, no," Trump replied. Once again, the President unleashed a media frenzy after appearing to have brought Coats a humiliating refusal, and while At his press conference in Helsinki, Putin had addressed Putin to the nation's leading spy.

But the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, appeared a few hours later with the latest in a series of increasingly inventive, but unbelievable, rationalizations for Trump's comments.

"The president said" no "to answer questions," said Sanders.

It was almost possible that Trump had done just that in the bustle of a press release – but his decision to continue answering questions seemed to undermine Sanders's explanation.

And a videotape of the moment when Trump seemed to get the question, he was actually

month after month obfuscation and the creation of alternative realities by the White House means the administration has wasted the benefit of the doubt.

The best possible scenario that can be drawn from the last few days is that Trump has trouble expressing what he really thinks. The worst case is that he reveals his righteous beliefs – but his White House is trying to reshape them for political reasons. Both scenarios are problematic because rhetorical precision can be crucial for presidents in times of crisis when words are really important.

Days of Bungled Backward Movement

The purge on Wednesday was also viewed more skeptically because of Trump's equally hard-to-believe resignation the day before, when he insisted that he had voiced wrong before Putin, he sees no reason why "Russia" would hack the US election.

Trump argued He had wanted to say "would not" instead of "would", a version of events that sparked scorn in Washington about social media and skepticism.

In the same media appearance, Trump read a written message gathered after the crisis about his counter-reactions to the President's press conference in Finland.

At one point he said that while he accepted that Russia had interfered in the election, others could also be involved: "There are a lot of people"

The apparent ad-lib was just the latest sign Trump's tendency to say what he really wants to do when he's not on the script, and that's one reason why many people tend to reject formal media appearances, like the CBS interview on Wednesday

It's a A measure of the shock and dismay that still lingers in Washington after his appearance in Finland, that Trump finds it impossible to change the subject.

The President is a master of distraction who throws smoke over a flaw by unleashing a new political or cultural indignation or simply surfing the wave of chaos he has brewed while the rest of Washington in his tide of Controversy drowns.

President tried to spark a new, more profitable outcry on Wednesday night and returned to a topic that was a reliable lightning rod in the past.

"The two biggest opponents of ICE in America today are the Democratic Party and the MS-13!" Trump tweeted, though his riotous rhetoric could not break the saturated coverage of Russia.

If history is a clue, all the controversy in Washington over Trump and Russia will not hurt him with his loyal political base that sees negative media he's seen as proof that he is fighting the establishment's forces, they chose to fight.

The President could also be isolated by his relentless attacks on the credibility of US intelligence agencies over the Russia drama and the "witch hunt"

But the Democrats believe that they are the desperate chaos of the White House of recent days could turn into an electoral issue that could win over independents and increase their voter turnout in November.

"Quite honestly, at the moment, it does not look as if the president is fully committed to protecting the United States from Russian interference," said Texas MP Joaquin Castro to CNNs "Wolf Bli" tzer on "The Situation Room."

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