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Trump tweets on fake news Washington Post sets war on Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

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  • President Donald Trump continued his attacks on Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday
  • Trump attacked another one of Bezos' investments, the Washington Post, in a tweet the Amazon newspaper chief lobbyist
  • Washington Post Editors I have said that there is no editorial link with Amazon and Bezos' investments are private.

President Donald Trump took a new path Thursday after Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos threw a Washington Post headline about its recently announced tariffs on China.

"The Fake News Washington Post's chief lobbyist, has one more (of many) false headlines:" Trump skeptics, while China adds trade fines, "Trump said. Should read, "Trump Defiant, as the US adds trade fines, will be barriers and massive I.P. Stop theft. & # 39; Typically bad reporting! "

This is not the first time that Trump has attacked the Washington Post's relationship with Amazon, and as early as July 2017, the president proposed using the mail for Amazon.

" Fake News Washington Post becomes a lobby Weapon used against Congress to prevent politicians from heading to Monaco without a tax monopoly? "Trump tweeted.

Bezos purchased the Washington Post in 2013 as part of his private investment separate from Amazon. Despite Trump's claim, the Washington Post is the "chief lobbyist" of Amazon, there is no editorial link between the two.

The headline Trump consulted appeared in the paper's printed edition.

The Pivot to the Post is the last in a week old Attack series by Trump on Amazon and its CEO Following an Axios report on March 28 stating that the president was "obsessed" with the online trading giants, Trump tweeted almost daily to protect Amazon's tax star ktur, the relationship with the US Postal Service and the impact on the stationary retail trade.

From now on, the White House said there was no plan to introduce a policy against Amazon.

Trump's attacks left some experts wondering if the president was planning to block Amazon's bid for a lucrative Defense Department contract to host the department's data on its Amazon Web Services platform. Despite speculation, Business Insider's Hayley Peterson announced Wednesday that the department is about to offer the contract to Amazon.

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