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Trump's bad mood leads him deeper into the darkness

Ever since he drove down his golden escalator to launch his presidential campaign in 2016, he has smashed nearly every norm. Now he reinvents how presidents deal with an existential scandal. And it seems to lead him deeper into the darkness.

Part of Trump's frustration may stem from the unusual nature of his current plight. Since taking office, Trump has kept Washington busy, with his opponents never knowing what wild gyration will shake the capital next. However, in the week in which the Speaker of Parliament Nancy Pelosi officially launched hearings on the impeachment procedure, the President seemed to be out of line. It's the Democrats who are racing, and Trump can not catch up.

"We're not kidding," warned Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Monday in a serious press conference with Pelosi Trump's fireworks and the complex constitutional reasons for the Democrats' decision to use the impeachment procedure.

The painful truth for Trump is that the machinery of impeachment continues and he can not do much about it.

] The Convention proposes that Trump ignore the storm and, like Bill Clinton when impeachment threatens to do so, join the work of the American people. A president on thin ice should avoid any public behavior that aggravates his threat.

That's not Trump's kind.

In a flammable public appearance on Wednesday ̵
1; alongside the unfortunate Finnish President Sauli Niinistö – Trump, as he The President fought bitterly with reporters, mocking his enemies with youthful nicknames, twisted the facts of his own behavior and complained of how unfairly he had been treated The mood was summed up in a meeting between the President and Jeff Mason of Reuters, one of the scantiest and most polite reporters in Washington.

Mason wanted to know the answer to the question that Trump did not want to answer at the center of the impeachment storm. What did he want from the Ukrainian president if it was not dirt on his potential 2020 election campaign opponent Joe Biden, according to a log of their July 25 phone call?

When Mason repeatedly but respectfully tried to follow Trump, he snapped, "Ask this gentleman a question, do not be rude."

"I've answered everything, it's a whole hoax, and you know who's playing the hoax – people like you and the fake news media we have in this country," the president added.

With all the tantrums and feuds and demagoguery and rage, it is still shocking to see a president behaving in the light of some of the most solemn and worthy occasions in the history of the White House in the context of the golden curtains of the East Room.


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When the President did not rage, he felt sorry for himself.

"The political storm that I have lived with from the day of my election," he told a Finnish reporter, gasping for breath when she asked what favors he had demanded of his visitor – a recourse to his attempt, the Ukraine to move to participate in the 2020 elections.

"I have done more, and this government has done more than any other government in the history of this country in the first two and a half years," said Trump, though the presidents, whose portraits stare at him every day in the White House, themselves thought to differentiate.

"I'm used to it, for me it's like putting on a suit in the morning," Trump said about the tsunami of political turmoil he's been exposing to the nation for nearly three years. In another comment that will astonish the historians of the future, Trump tweeted on Wednesday about Democrats have wasted America's time on "BULLSHIT".

Ship of treachery accused of what he did on Wednesday several times without delivering a credible justification for the accusation of an American fellow citizen because of this most heinous crime their process.

Also, the arguments of the President that Schiff elaborated details of the behavior set out in the transcript of Trump's appeal to the President of Ukraine, which he himself published, are not taken into account.

"Believe it or not, I see my words very carefully, some consider me a very stable genius," Trump said, though his angry mood seemed to suggest the opposite.

Warning of Disability

In the most significant development of the investigation On Wednesday, Schiff, repeatedly ridiculed by Trump, warned that the White House's efforts to deter witnesses from the statement were viewed as a hindrance would suggest that such behavior could be folded into impeachment articles.

Trump is in effect compulsion, a novel and uncomfortable position for a businessman, a reality star and an unlikely politician who defies all control.

Trump has been in charge all his life and has always compelled others to respond to his impulses, and surprisingly, he is frustrated when the shoe is on the other foot.

The President also finds that his normal bag of tricks – denying the established reality, personal attacks on his enemies and constant distraction function and disruption – do not work.

Nevertheless, the impeachment measure is only one week old. For Democrats, the narrative has mostly been on its way since it institutionally rules and the government has no choice but to answer.

The White House has an incentive to prolong the impeachment break for as long as possible. To test the patience of the American people and destroy the Democrats' hopes that a quick process will keep track of Trump's behavior reserves. This could be done with questionable executive privileges or through the fight against democratic subpoenas in cases that could lead to lengthy legal disputes that last for months. Political Calculation While Trump Almost Appears Safe With the capital they've already put into the process, there's little sign that Republicans' support for the president is abating to convince 20 Senate Republicans to leave and However, it has come to the attention that apart from its core of loyalists such as the South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, there has hardly been a parade GOP legislators advocate a comprehensive defense of the president.

CNN's Dana Bash and Jamie Gangel reported that the Republican Party was both worried about the kind of behavior Trump showed on Wednesday and what might happen next.

"He takes it upon himself to tweet about every shiny object, that's not helpful at the moment," said one source involved in Senate discussions with CNN. [19659002] Administration sources and Capitol Hill said that Trump's "witch-hunt" defense, which helped him to build a political redoubt during the Russia investigation, is not good for him now and the president has yet to realize it.

Trump's mood must raise the question of whether he will try to disrupt the impeachment investigation in a way that could exacerbate his constitutional vulnerability.

Niinistö seemed to be thinking in that direction when he told the President: "Mr. President, you have a great democracy here, keep it up."

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