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Trump's broken men – Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen

But now Hybris has humbled Roger Stone, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

All three men have been charged or convicted or have pleaded guilty to crimes and alleged offenses, most of which are not directly related to their work, the President.

But if they had not eagerly immersed themselves in Trump's shark tank and he did not stand for the president, they would not have called attention to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and possibly other prosecutors in cases that led to their demise.

The White House line, when one of the President's men goes down, has nothing to do with Trump. Technically, this is often correct: So far, none of the three trio was a conspiracy z. B. accused of colluding with Russia.

However, all three are suspected to communicate with Russian intelligence agencies, contacts, or alleged front organizations such as WikiLeaks. Washington is on alert to see if any of these episodes are mentioned in Mueller's final report, which could be delivered to Attorney General Bill Barr next week.

It's clear that these are men who were lucky enough to have Trump at his side While their partnerships worked and prosecutors fell before the outbreak, he never seemed to worry about their dubious reputation and tactics. In fact, it may have been recommended.

Stone, a protégé of the Trump mentor and Mob lawyer Roy Cohn, has been in the president's world for decades. He is his longest political adviser after a self-proclaimed career as a Dirty Trickster designed after his hero Richard Nixon
Cohen, who is expected to raise some of the president's life and business secrets in one possible case. The Sensational Hearing Capitol Hill the following week made it indispensable for a man to clean Trump.

And Manafort dealt with the life of an international politician involved in the jet set who rubbed shoulders with oligarchs to turn Trump, winner of the 201

6 GOP, into a candidate for presidential election even at the Presidency could participate.

If their story has a common moral, then this is this: Sooner or later even stubborn political and legal tormentors who seem to fly Without breaking the normal rules, the law can maltreat and ruin the life of celebrity.

It is only with the passing of time, Müller, various other legal proceedings, and a series of congressional investigations, that Trump will outsmart himself if he experiences the same harsh truth or is clever enough to avoid the fate of his polluted workers.

& # 39; Attack, attack, attack & # 39;

In a New York Profile in 2008, Stone declared His "Rules" for Jeffrey Toobin, who is also CNN's Chief Legal Analyst.

"Attack, attack, attack – never defend," he said. "Do not admit anything, reject everything, start counter-attack."

That was his approach a few weeks ago on his first court date in Florida when he was defiant, and the eye-catching Nixon's "V for Victory" sign brought his hands over his head on the steps of the courtroom.

But on Thursday there was no attack, no attack. This Roger Stone was nowhere to be seen in a courtroom in Washington. He was abominable and apologetic after he explained his Instagram post. Roger Stone can not speak publicly about cases, judge rules ” class=”media__image” src=”http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190213171546-roger-stone-jan-31-large-169.jpg”/>

His bravery dismissed him on the day, as a life of political harassment finally demanded its price.

"I offer no rationalization or apology or justification, this is just stupid judgment," he told the angry judge and asked his case, saying he had difficulty putting food on the table and due to legal fees Rent to pay.

Stone has been crossing the line for decades and crossing it. In fact, he was interviewed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson as Roger Stone. And now, thanks to the full gag order that keeps him from talking about the case in the media, that person has to fall silent on the topic that interests him most – his political tricks.

"He has played this character for his entire career, and today I think he has gone against the wall," said David Urban, who coined the 2016 Trump victory in Pennsylvania and is now a CNN commentator is.

"He has always crossed the line, and I think he went over that line today, and the judge hit him pretty hard," Urban told CNN's The Lead.

Jackson told Stone that his apology was hollow and she was not impressed with his explanations. 19659002] "This is not baseball, there will not be a third chance," she said.

The depth of his fate could dawn on Stone when the gag order was formally imposed.

With his head in his hands, he leaned back and it looked as if his eyes were closed and made the reality of it sink, "said CNN reporter Kara Scannell, who was in the courtroom.


Cohen teamed up with Trump more than a decade ago in the role of the legal representative who took care of the business. [19659005] "You say I'm Mr. Trump's Pit Bull, that I'm his right-hand man," Cohen once said, no more than a threat to reporters in the vernacular of a gangster.

When his famous client became a presidential candidate Cohen becomes a political substitute for the man he always calls "Mr.

He took care of what needed to be done, I do not know what needs to be done, but all I knew was that Michael was taking care of it, "said Sam Nunberg, who Advisor to the Trump campaign, last year to CNN's Gloria Borger. 19659006] Once Cohen said he wanted to "take a bullet" for Trump.

Not anymore. The former fixer now believes that his association with Trump has led him to personal destruction. In December, a federal judge sentenced him to three years in prison for crimes, including paying money for two women doing business with Trump.
"The man does not tell the truth … And that's it sad that I should take responsibility for his dirty actions," Cohen told ABC George Stephanopoulos in December, saying he had Trump out for 10 years Loyalty lied to him ".

"I will not be the villain of his story," Cohen said.

  Michael Cohen Came to Capitol Hill Next Week

After several false starts, Cohen is scheduled to publicly testify in front of the House Oversight Committee this Wednesday, which may become one of the most convincing convention circuses in recent times, while Cohen may paint a bleak picture of Trump Republicans are trying to doubt his credibility as he's already a proven liar. [CohenstruckonThursdayasheappearedonCapitolHillandspentseveralhoursinthestateThesecurityroomsoftheSenateIntelligenceCommitteearealsointherunuptonextweekplannedtestimonyofthecloseddoorSenatorsHeislikelytoaskhimtoomanyquestions-includinghiseffortstostageaTrumpTowerprojectinMoscowevenduringthepresidentialcampaign

A Broken Man

Another Trump employee who crashed Earth in the most humiliating manner was Manafort.

Before being caught by Muller, Manafort was an excessive lobbyist and the epitome of Washington's swamp culture. He exported the dark arts, which he had learned as a GOP agent for various unappetizing political figures abroad.

He worked for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, only in a contact that had aroused the interest of Müller.

The work was lucrative. His wealth bought a sumptuous wardrobe that contained ostrich and python leather jackets. He bought the House of Bijan, which according to court documents is the most expensive men's business in the world.
  Swamp in Court: Why People Are Tied to the Manafort Case

Manafort also built a bloated real estate portfolio. A house has an outdoor kitchen, which is financed by offshore accounts. His Hamptons hideout included a $ 10,000 karaoke system and a huge flower bed in the shape of an M.

But his spending also resulted in him getting a loan from a Russian oligarch near President Vladimir Putin $ 10 million presumed that Moscow had possibly compromised.

Now Manafort may be in prison for the rest of his life.

He is convicted of financial fraud on March 8, a federal judge in Virginia said Thursday. He is convicted in Washington, where he pleads guilty to the plot and on March 13 breaks a plea agreement with Mueller.

Even years ago behind bars, Manafort is a painfully diminished personality.

In His Last Judgment When he appeared last month, he had to ask the judge's permission to wear a suit instead of his dark green prison buddies.

His obscured appearance and his now almost completely gray hair shocked the observers – after he had come to court with a stick. in contrast to the undaunted confidence he had once shown during the Trump campaign.

When he left the courtroom, Manafort kissed his wife Kathleen.

Kara Scannell Katelyn Polantz and Sara of CNN Murray contributed to this report.

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