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Trump's Chaos 2018 promises another

There is a feeling that a Presidency based on the volcanic temperament of a Commander-in-Chief loves risk and ignores history, briefing, and facts, gets out of control, and makes even more chaotic 2019.

Concern, even Trump's course is now available to the hitherto-grateful Washington Republicans.

In a troubled holiday season, a constitutional or international crisis just around the corner. In a scandal-ridden government, the stench of corruption is intensifying day by day.

The president calls the shots and trusts his stomach.

He replaces calming forces – such as former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the head of staff John Kelly ̵

1; with more yielding loyalists less likely to challenge him, Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney.

The result is a presidency that increasingly explores the limits of executive power and is freed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief to release foreign policy

After nine months in the real world, Tillerson gave a frightening insight into how Trump works.

"I have to say to him," Well, Mr. President, I understand what you want to do. but you can not do it that way. It is against the law. It is against the contract. "Tillerson reported.

Trump's startling decision to withdraw troops from Syria was a case study of a president who contradicts advisers and the consequences of being damned. A high-ranking government official told CNN Jim Sciutto that national security decisions are "made on a whim on phone calls."

Relentless Mueller

  At least 16 Trump employees had contact with Russians during the campaign or transition

But Trump does not control everything. In fact, he can not control his own destiny.

The ruthless march of special advocate Robert Müller supports the possibility that Trump won the presidency by working with a hostile foreign power and trying to enrich it.

Trump has denied all wrongdoing and Mueller has not yet proven that the campaign has worked with Russia or that the President has prevented the judiciary from covering it up.

However, there is a dark cloud over the president. Depending on Mueller's final report, an impeachment statement becomes more likely in 2019.

Although the pressure of the democratic base is exercised on such a move, the gravity of this process must be carefully considered – especially when it comes to evidence against Trump not overwhelming.

America has already taken steps three times in its 242-year history to depose a president.

If this happens for the third time in 45 years, it would lead to political upheavals that could drag on for decades. It's no wonder that caregiving house spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi keeps her powder dry for the time being.

Constant Political Warfare

In a rare moment of self-reflection in May, Trump said: "We" All battles fight, but I love fighting these battles.

During the year, the president is at war on several fronts.

He is in conflict with the Supreme Court Supreme Judge and the Judiciary, his own Ministry of Justice, the Federal Reserve Chairman and his Secretary of Defense. He often appears to be battling the rule of law himself.

His fight against Congress escalates: he ended the year with the closure of the government, after failing to raise $ 5 billion in taxpayers' money from Mexico

He waged a trade war with China and routinely insults the leaders of America's closest friends, including the European Union and NATO partners.

He has the values ​​of universal human rights, press freedom, and one of the rules based principle trampled trading system and the fabric of international liberal democracy, founded America's 70 years as the dominant superpower.

"My government has done more in the history of our country than almost any government," said Trump at the United Nations General Assembly in September.

Titters of UN delegates expressed how much the rest of the world feels about the president. They also confirmed his voters who see his populist crusade as the scourge of international elites.

But those who believe that the values ​​and international infrastructure that undermines Trump have underpinned the decades of relative peace have won the Cold War and made the world safe for capitalism worrying ,

Trump also escalated his War on Facts and Truth in 2018, inventing new narratives when reality does not suit him, and jeopardizing trust in critical political and legal institutions.

In recent days, for example, the president has falsely claimed that the US has exterminated IS in Syria. He greeted the troops in Iraq and lied when he said he had granted them the first salary increase for 10 years and it had been 10%.

There is a method for Trump's attack on institutions and facts. His war is against forces and realities that contradict him or challenge his power.

What a year

  Dow crashes after history's biggest scoring win

Life in the same Decade as Trump is exhausting.

A daily parade of scandals, reversals in the head and mutilations punctuates the soul, causing indignation to flow away from shocking events.

The year began when the president boasted that he had a larger nuclear button than the North Korean Kim Jong Un and fired at the "deep-downs" Ministry of Justice.

Months later, he held an unimaginable summit with Kim in Singapore and told an election campaign he and the ruthless North Korean dictator "fell in love" with.

Trump allegedly called some African nations "shitlands" and blew up a book by Michael Wolff revealing the "fire and rage" of his presidency. There was an unprecedented fluctuation in the West Wing. Tillerson was fired on Twitter, and FBI boss James Comey designed Trump as Mafia Don in his new book.
The President blasted G7 leaders in Canada and then joined forces with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump presided over separations of hundreds of children from their undocumented migrant parents and a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

When Sen. John McCain's funeral turned into a one-week condemnation of his presidency, Trump reinforced the criticism by the election campaign monitored in fear and racism.
A high-ranking representative of the Trump administration was asked to convict an anonymous New York Times president who condemned the president's conduct "damaging to the health of our republic."

The Democrats took back the house. And a Trump supporter allegedly sent pipe bombs to political leaders who had criticized the president.

With a breathtaking look into his worldview, Trump shook off the murder and dismemberment of the Washington Post's colonist at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, arguing the Saudis Buy many US exports.

Previously, Trump withdrew from the Obama administration's nuclear deal in Iran and alienated the US from its allies.

The president was indirectly involved in election crime when Muller's election campaign "Transition" continued presidency, personal life and business development.

The year ended in turmoil when Secretary of Defense James Mattis' resignation over Syria's retreat and volatile markets slipped through the worst December since the Great Depression. [19659009

Tired of winning yet?

Trump's cacophony often drowns out his achievements.

The US economy has rarely been in better shape despite volatile stock markets. Unemployment is below 4% and consumer confidence is high, although it slowed somewhat in December.

Trump, for the time being, is getting blamed for slowing down his reelection.

He also claims a big victory in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada. Like many of its negotiated triumphs, on closer inspection this seems less significant.

Trump rightly argues that North Korea has stopped testing missiles and nuclear devices since his meeting with Kim. However, there are no signs of permanent denuclearization. His move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the US Embassy in Israel honors electoral promises, but may have sparked hopes of peace.

In October Trump had the right to view his presidency as historically consistent when Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in. Following the Supreme Court's refusal, the Supreme Court claims he sexually abused a young woman in high school.

Mitch McConnell, Trump and the Senate Majority Leader, have appointed courts with reliable conservative judges that can serve decades after the presidency's inauguration] Given that Trump's survival in office depended on the assistance of at least 20 Republican senators in each impeachment trial it may be important this year that its base at the base of the GOP does not slip.

Another year in power meant another year of Obama-era regulations tearing down the economy, the environment, and education. Military spending has increased. The White House also held two-party victories over the fight against opioid abuse and the overhaul of criminal justice.

But the upcoming democracy-led House and its monitoring of all aspects of Trump's life and presidency and the rousing elections of 2020 mean that a bipartisan partnership for 2019 is unlikely.

Following a meeting with Kim in Singapore, Trump said that "the past does not have to define the future".

But as Mueller closes and the president maximizes his personal power, the past year seems to be setting the stage for something even bigger.

If so, 2018 will only have been a warm-up act.

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