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Trump's Dem Dem Debate Plan: Make It Over It

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President Donald Trump wants to remain the focus of attention as Democratic hopefuls in 2020 qualify for their party's nomination. | Alex Wong / Getty Images

Elections 2020

The president wants to absorb as much oxygen as possible from the 20 Democratic presidential candidates debating in Miami.

Donald Trump wants his Democratic opponents for the White House to introduce himself to the American public next week on his terms.

Before the first two Democratic presidential debates next Wednesday and Thursday, the President and his political team want to dominate the news cycle with carefully published tidbits to keep the public informed of the commander's machinations. This ranges from the president settling for a lengthy interview with an anchor of Noticias Telemundo who is also the moderator of Democratic debates, to a Vice President's announcement next Tuesday in Miami – where the Democrats lead their Debates – this reveals a list of prominent Latino and Hispanic followers. And on the night of the first debate, Trump himself could tweet the debates live as he flies to Japan with Air Force One for the G-20. The president's team hopes the two Democratic debates will turn into liberal presidential candidates respond instead of making their own visions for the country, political proposals or personal stories. According to Trump's ally, a Trump tweet can quickly overtake most of the actions of a Democratic presidential candidate – a democrat-ridden scenario.

"Donald Trump knows how to dominate the media landscape like no other candidate in history, whether he addresses a new topic or brandishes an opponent or opponent. The media must respond to his comments and tweets, "said Sean Spicer, former White House spokesman and communications director.

In particular, the Trump campaign is to illustrate the support of the President among the Hispanic voters in Florida. An important rocking state in which the democratic debates will take place and in which both parties will fight for votes.

To this end, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to present a coalition of senior Hispanic backers and business executives familiar with the program at a Miami event on Tuesday. The campaign still completes the exact list compiled by Campaign Associate Sandra Benitez, but is expected to include, among others, Houston businessman Rick Figueroa and Orange County entrepreneur Mario Rodriguez.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign declined to comment. [19659008] The goal, close to Trump's, is to show Trump's top representatives actively promoting an important demographic group just two days before the Democrats take to the stage to fight each other, a Republican said shortly before election campaign.

Hispanic votes could also help the Trump campaign expand the electoral card by 2020, a Trump supporter said.

"Hispanics have massively outperformed Trump's expectations for the 2016 election and are likely to prove even more critical by 2020," said Steve Cortes, President of Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council. "Rising Hispanic Pro Trump sentiment can solidify key Trump states, particularly Florida and Arizona, and possibly turn other blue states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada on their heads." On the same day, Trump is scheduled to speak with a long-planned fundraising dinner in Washington, DC, for the Republican National Committee – an event that aims to strengthen the campaign's preferred image of Trump's fundraising the single Democratic candidate is far ahead.

The RNC announced Wednesday, immediately after its re-election Tuesday Night Rally in Orlando, Florida, that Trump had raised $ 24.8 million in 24 hours without specifying the exact time to rake in that specific number , This sum far exceeds the donations made by Democratic candidates after launching their own campaign.

The two-part Democratic debates begin Wednesday night, an event that all Trump's political advisors expect him to look out for and offer reactions. [19659008] Several of Trump's top political advisors want the president to tweet the debates live, according to two Republicans near the White House. But they are also realistic enough to realize that Trump will do what he wants.

And Trump has shown that his current tweets can even change the direction of high-profile events.

During a House of Representatives hearing in March 2017, Trump's Twitter account shared a misleading clip of former FBI chief James Comey and former NSA chief Mike Rogers, who said Russia had "not influenced the electoral process" minutes Democratic congressman proposed the tweet and asked Comey to reiterate that the intelligence services had come to no conclusion as to whether a widespread Russian meddling campaign had had an impact on the 2016 election result.

"It certainly was not our intention to say so today because we have no information on the subject," Comey said. "It was not respected."

Trump's allies said that the tweets of the president could lead to a similar situation during the democratic debates, and made the tale again about Trump and not the Democrats.

"It would not shock if one of the moderators of the debate asked a Democrat about one of the president's tweets and Trump somehow becomes an even bigger part of the night," said a Republican near the White House.

Top Campaign and Political Advisor Instead, I urge the president to portray the broad field of Democrats as socialists in broad brushstrokes and want them to brand Democrats as unified supporters of a comprehensive policy such as Medicare-for-all and Green New Deal – advanced ideas that could pull more centrist democrats to the left.

They have also tried and failed to persuade Trump to persuade certain candidates, such as former Vice President Joe Biden, to produce mixed results.

Opinion that the President this particular eponymous and verbal ammunition for the general should hold an election, or once the Democratic candidate is clear.

But the president seems to know when to push things and when to go too far, how to use Twitter to get things under control again, "added the Republican near the White House.

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