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Trump's Fox News Love Fest hits hard

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                  Relations between the Fox news site and the poor of opinion have been strained since President Donald Trump took office. | Drew Angerer / Getty Images </p>
<p>  Many viewers of Fox News City Hall on Monday evening with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders saw a leftist candidate in a hot spot on a network known for his close relationship with President Donald Trump. </p>
<p>  But Trump himself saw something else: eerie forces in his favorite news network that are against him: Trump complained twice about the event on Twitter the next day, reaching for a supposedly pro-Sanders crowd and accusing the anchors of being one of his rivals of Absorbed in 2020. 19659005] History below </p><div><script async src=

The political class may be worried about Trumps wondering about Fox, who compared liberal critics with propaganda, but the president's complaints suggest that he's frustrated that he does not have enough. In particular, Trump repeatedly targeted Twitter's attacks on the network's news anchors and noted that they were not enthusiastic about his agenda.

"It's weird to see Crazy Bernie in the @ Fox News," Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning after Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum held Sanders for an hour. "It's not surprising that @BretBaier and the" crowd "were so good-humored and nice – very strange." Trump asked why the network recently called the former Democratic National Committee chairman, Donna Brazile, as a political analyst He complained that the crowd was full of Sanders fans while his followers were stranded outside, and asked "What about @ FoxNews?"

With the network, Trump is reaching for an open wound – the relationship between Fox News and his line of opinion are long According to people who are familiar with the dynamics of the network, they have become more strained in the Trump era, and some of the network's news anchors ask what they consider the pro-trump cheerleader of their opinion-driven Primetime colleagues look at larger ratings and mo money for the network – and criticize their fellow newsmakers for not breaking news. A prime time employee also referred to the news page of the network as a "resistance."

"I do not think he sees Fox as a monolith, he is upset with certain figures in Fox News," said a former White House officer.

The officer recalled how Trump had heard when he worked in the White House when he criticized news anchors like Neil Cavuto and Shepard Smith. In March, Trump struck Smith – perhaps the most critical voice of the network when it comes to the president – as Fox's "lowest anchor" and said he should "work" with CNN along with two news channels over the weekend.

Smith may also be one of Trump's top boosters in the network, moderator Sean Hannity: "I like Shep, but he's so anti-Trump," Hannity complained in his radio broadcast in July 2017.

Trump rescued also at least one friendly opinion maker, who felt abused. Last month, he invited Fox to bring Ba Jean-Pierre Pirro, the hostess, was briefly suspended for questioning the patriotism of a Muslim congressman. He also tweeted that the network "[s] should work so hard that it is politically correct, which will only overthrow you."

Former White House officials say this – in part the bulk of the overwhelming coverage Trump enjoyed from Hannity and his colleagues who were in prime time, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. The President, who sometimes watches Fox with Hours a Day, is basically spoiled and sensitive to unfriendly words on a

It's the same reason he thinks everyone in the Washington Post makes Jeff Bezos' bids, the same former official said. Trump believes that "if you have a strong leader at the top, like Fox does with Murdoch [co-chairman Rupert]they should just stand in line and they should not question that."

Asked for a Comment on Trump The relationship with Fox, the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, told POLITICO: "We expect all news to be fair, accurate and not to push the liberal agenda. It's amazing that the country is doing so well, but the president's coverage is 90% negative. We just want the media to care more about the great things than the attack on the intrigues of the President and the Palace.

Another former White House official remarked that Trump had criticized Fox for reporting the network before him, complaining about her coverage of his presidential campaign in early 2016, when he felt the network was for GOP candidates like Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are friendlier.

The former official added that the network will inevitably cover the crowded democratic primaries The 2020 campaign will take up more space in the news environment. "Part of it is recognizable that he is no longer the only game in town," said this person.

Although the President is a frequent guest at Fox, he tends to interview Heli's personalities such as prime-time opinion makers Hannity and Tucker Carlson, or the Fox & Friends morning show of the network he regularly observes and he visits receives consistently positive coverage. Hannity alone has had eight television interviews with the president, more than any other television channel combined.

By contrast, over 300 days ago, Bret Baier – considered one of the network's most balanced numbers – received an interview with the president.

"We look forward to seeing you soon in a town hall – or even an interview at @SpecialReport – it's been a while. We cover all pages, "wrote Baier in response to Trump's complaints about Fox on Tuesday .

A Fox News spokesman pointed to POLITICO in several cases in which the network's opinion-makers pushed back on Trump. They include an example from the early year of 2017, when Hannity Trump tweeted too often, and a December segment in which Ingraham challenged Trump's claim that he is already building a boundary wall: "There is no wall!" City Hall audiences were not properly selected, and FOX News also pointed to Pennsylvania newspaper The Morning Call, which reported Fox had "addressed and appealed to various political and local groups in the area after the event was publicly announced . " [19659004] Some former representatives of the Trump White House argued that Trump's anger poses a threat to the network, which has long been a top-rated cable news channel.

"President Trump's critique of Fox News is a clear and present threat to the network," said Andy Hemming, former Trump White House director of quick reaction. "The president knows that Fox News viewers are far more loyal than the network. This means he can bring these backers with a few tweets and additional access to more open, friendlier branches like One America News Network or Newsmax. It goes without saying that the financial implications for these networks are massive. "

A Fox spokesman noted that the ratings of the network are still strong and that the ratings for Sanders Town Hall were the highest of all city halls with a 2020 rating Democratic candidate, broadcast by a cable news network, including competitors CNN and MSNBC.

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