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Trump's Iranian information was not exaggerated, Dems "absolutely wrong" when they think so: top GOP legislator

Democrats are "completely wrong" in believing that the White House has overstated the intelligence services on possible Iranian threats, according to a high-ranking Republican senator.

Host Harris Faulkner Asked Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman James Risch to "Overtime in Advance" The Democrats' claims that the Trump administration "exaggerated" that Iranian intelligence is on the ground.

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Senator Risch, R-Idaho, added that he and other top legislators have been following the relevant information for some time.

Risch added that the Trump administration has taken responsible steps to exploit the potential threats.

The government sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford to inform legislators on Tuesday about escalating tensions with Tehran.

"Our efforts and our ultimate goal in recent days has been to deter Iran," Pompeo said.

However, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., One of the most vociferous critics of potential military action in Iran, said a war in Iran was "far worse than the war with Iraq."

"We were lied to because Iraq supposedly possesses weapons of mass destruction," said Sanders 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said. "A war with Iran would be an absolute disaster, far worse than the war with Iraq, and I hope the people tell this government that we will not wage war in Iran." "Of Certain Events Has Increased."


"If you say that the Iranians did not raise temperatures in the last two weeks of April and the first week of May, you simply will not knows something about intelligence services, "said Risch.

He said that if lawmakers at meetings with Pompeo and other officials did not think a" serious situation was defused by a very professional job, "" just do not understand it. "

Fox News & # 39; Alex Pappas has contributed to this report.

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