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Trump's Israeli power play sets political goals above America's interests

Trump's recent manifestation of Trump's first foreign policy was instead another sign that national interest is often subordinate to the immediate political needs of that president. In a characteristic but still shocking break with norms, the President of the United States actively campaigned for a foreign government to deny the admission of two of his compatriots.

Trump's celebration of his success underlined how he intends to ignore the president's guardrail, which he relies on to secure a second term in the White House.

"What they said about Israel and the Jewish people is a terrible thing, and they have become the face of the Democratic Party," said Trump. Hours after Israel announced its decision.

Trump usually has little scruples about using the broad powers of the presidency in foreign affairs for his own personal ends. His rejection of Russia's interference in the election campaign and his crackdown on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for example, further his image and ego in terms of orthodox global US policies.

But his power play against Israel was unapologetically biased even for Trump.

AIPAC breaks with Trump

  AIPAC splits with Trump and Netanyahu, supports visit of Omar and Tlaib in Israel

Many in Finding Washington The views of Omar and Tlaib towards Israel are disgusting. Omar had to apologize earlier this year after suggesting in anti-Semitic remarks that the support of the Jewish state in Congress be justified by campaign contributions.

However, the implications of the new travel ban are widespread bipartisan concerns about Israel's political standing in Congress, where support for the Jewish state has wiped out and was bipartisan.

Even the pro-Israeli US lobby group AIPAC, which is usually in step with Trump and has criticized the two legislators for their rhetoric, expressed concern. Although it has been clarified that this does not accord with the views of Omar and Tlaib.

"We … believe that every member of Congress can visit and experience first hand our democratic ally Israel," AIPAC tweeted.

President Twitterte has also put Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a difficult position. Trump's public pressure on the prime minister threatened to bring a head of state, which is not normally considered weak, to its knees at a dangerous moment – with a forthcoming new election that could end its long take-over of power in Israel.

None of this is likely to be of concern to Trump, for he pocketed a clever political victory that helped divert the growing talk of a possible recession that could tarnish his hopes for re-election.

The President can now enjoy his success in the return of Tlaib and Omar. Who he wants to raise back into the political limelight of 2020 as the extreme, anti-Semitic face of the Democratic Party.

He had to polish the pro-Israel badges that were popular at his base – especially the evangelical voters who were previously enthusiastic about his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And it all happened hours before his last election rally in New Hampshire.

Perhaps the most enjoyable for the president was the opportunity to lure democratic leaders such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi into the defense of key members of the so-called "troop". The statements of the President about the women of Congress are a sign of ignorance and disrespect and are under the dignity of the Office of Human Rights. The president, "Pelosi said in a statement.

The fact that Trump 's hardball tactics are outrage at the diplomatic establishment and condemnation of the media

[194559005] Breaking with Tradition

  Omar and Tlaib call Israel and block their entry - and a sign of weakness.

Sovereign nations have the right to deny access to the critics they believe they are They have not shared their values, and presidents have long been thinking about their own political interests in dealing with Israel and the treacherous Middle East policy, and advancing foreign policy goals has long been an instrument of reelection – from Franklin Roosevelt to Richard Nixon to George H.W. Rifle. However, most presidents also try to avoid the impression that they are only acting for their own personal benefit. Often, their actions in the national interest ultimately jeopardize their personal political position and thus strengthen their legacy in the White House.

The 45th President is cut from different fabrics.

"There has never been one. In my experience, the President has subjected the national interest of the US not only to his political interests, but also to his personal sensitivity and, in a sense, his own vanity and ego." Aaron David Miller, Middle East Peace brokers for Democratic and GOP presidents, versus Bianca Nobilo of CNN.

Some Republicans fear that all this will backfire and give Omar and Tlaib political rewards for their outspoken criticism of Israel and its support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

#Israel is a mistake. Being blocked is what they were hoping for all the time to step up their attacks on the Jewish state, "tweeted Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio.

Th The role of the Washington ambassador in Israel is as well In a statement on Thursday, Envoy David Friedman supported Israel's decision, but Democrat Ted Lieu of California called for him to resign.

"He does not seem to understand that his loyalty to America is not a foreign power , He should defend the Americans' right to travel to other countries. "Lieu told CNN Wolf Blitzer on" The Situation Room. "Lieu later tweeted a similar sentiment, but erased it on the criticism that he made a double allegation of loyalty, an anti-Semitic one Deception.

Israeli setback

Trump's intervention will also have political implications Inside Israel, some of which could rebut against Netanyahu.

Just a week ago, Israeli ambassador to the US Ron He said that his country would not refuse entry to two members of the congress, and Tlaib had hoped to visit her Palestinian grandmother in the West Bank after her visit.

That the government he serves has now come down could result in that Netanyahu looks like a petitioner of Trump, who passes the Israeli sovereignty to a foreigner Foreigners have outsourced.

] Like other leading figures in the world before him, Netanyahu has learned that Trump's support must be repaid – in terms of the President's political goals and at a time when they are most favorable.

Netanyahu has relentlessly promoted his relationship with Trump, including in the earlier Israeli elections earlier this year.

But his US critics have long feared that his interference with US politics – against former President Barack Obama and in favor of Trump – would jeopardize Israel's bipartisan support and, therefore, could threaten its security in the long term.

"Denying accession to members of the United States Congress is a sign of weakness, not strength, it will only harm the US-Israeli relationship and support for Israel in America," said Chuck Schumer, chairman of the minority Senate.

At some point, Netanyahu or a future Israeli leader will have to deal with a Democratic president. The diplomatic impact of Thursday's events will be in the background at these meetings.

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