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Trump's legal team shies away from Mueller's questions on election activity after 2016

The source would not explicitly say whether the President answered these questions, except to say that there are "answers" to all the questions that were asked.

Trump's lawyers had previously given Müller's team the argument that the president only answered questions related to collusion on events that preceded the 2016 elections.

The source would not say if the concerns were passed on to the team of Muller

A list of questions that Trump's legal advisers asked Trump in the spring by the Special Prosecutor included questions about the efforts made during the transition to creating a Return channel connection to Russia and to a meeting in the Seychelles in 201

7, where Trump Ally Erik Prince, a businessman and founder of the private security company, formerly known as Blackwater.

The President and his lawyers are processing the answers to the Special Lawyer's questions and could return the answers next week, according to the source.

  Trump targets Muller as speculation over the end of the Russia probe grows

Giuliani did not respond to comments.

The President meets with his legal team again on Friday to clarify the issues as they complete the process, the source said.

Müller's team was able to answer with follow-up questions and still demand a personal interview with the president – something that Trump's legal team would like to prevent.

On Friday, the President said he was done with his answers, although they do not yet have to be filed.

"After all I hear, it ends and I'm sure it'll be fine," Trump said. "And you know why it's going to be okay because there were no collusion."

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