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Trump's religious commentary provokes critics

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Topline : Just hours after the accusation of Jewish people calling for democrats to "infidelity" (President Trump quoted a controversial radio host who described him as "King of Israel" and "the second coming of God" in a series of inflammatory commentaries on Jews.

  • In his Tweet Trump thanked Wayne Allyn Root, of the Washington Post and others were considered "conspiracy theorists" for the tweets and called them "very nice words."
  • Trump followed his tweets and said, "Me Am the Chosen "during an interview with White Ho He referred to his role in overcoming the trade war with China.
  • #DisloyalToTrump and #KingofIsrael soon began to develop on Twitter.
  • Trump unleashed a heated argument last week calling on Israel to end the war Muslim congress women Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib visited the country – and Israel responded.

Main critic: Many Jews. The New York Times noted that the comment on "infidelity" stems from an anti-Semitic reason that Jews are more committed to Israel than the countries in which they live. This is also a conviction that is represented by white nationalists. (Even in the Jewish faith, there is no second coming of God.) Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted : "I am a proud Jewish person, and I have no qualms about democratically voting," while Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate minority tweeted : "If & lsqb; Trump & rsqb; uses a trope that has been used against the Jewish people for centuries and has dire consequences. He encourages – witty or unconscious – anti-Semites across the country and around the world. Meanwhile, Jonathan Greenblatt, director of CNN's Anti-Defamation League, said: "It is the culmination of hypocrisy to use Christian theology to harass Jews and oust a messianic complex – it's literally hard on something To think less kosher than to tell the Jewish people that you are the king of Israel, and that is why we should do it. For this reason you have a certain faithfulness.

Main Background: The President has always been aggressively (and awkwardly) recruiting Jewish voters who vote predominantly for Democratic candidates (in the 2018, 78 midterm elections)% voted in favor of a Democrat).


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