According to several reports, billionaire David Koch leaves his company and political organization.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – In some of her harshest criticisms of the Trump administration, leader of the influential political Das Network affiliated with conservative billionaire Charles Koch beat President Trump's tariffs as "protectionism" that hurt American businesses and consumers.

"The White House split causes long-term damage," Brian Hooks, one of Koch's top MPs, told reporters. "To win a topic, someone else has to lose, it makes it very difficult to unite people to solve the problems of this country."

Hook's remarks came as a cook and more than 500 donors in his network They began a three-day retreat in which they broadened the course of the network from growing support for poverty reduction programs across the country to the harsh midterm elections in which the republican control of the Home is at risk, should plan.

The network is expected to spend up to $ 400 million on politics and politics in this two-year election cycle, further cementing its role as one of the most powerful forces in conservative politics.

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In a note of the political music of the group At the meeting, nine elected officials were expected. These include Republican No. 2 in the Senate, Senator John Cornyn of Texas and two Republican governors – Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and Florida Governor Rick Scott, who runs for the US Senate.

The network whose donors you have always committed to support Republican candidates to spread a message of free market to all corners of American society.

Network managers, however, have expressed growing frustration What they see as out-of-control government spending is the government's stubborn policy on immigration and Trump's tariffs against China, Mexico, and other countries.

And they increasingly signal the willingness to cooperate with Democrats when election day culminates efforts to overcome the political divide on various issues such as the reform of criminal justice.

In a video speech presented to reporters on Saturday, Charles Koch warned the Acti to set up "protectionist paths" "barriers that make everyone worse."

"Rescue from bad politics & # 39;

Some cook advisors were more pointed and suggested Trump's decision last week to pay a $ 12 billion program out of the Great Depression to help US farmers with the government's trade disputes with China and other countries.

Given China's history of buying US Treasury securities, Chinese money could help fund agricultural subsidies when loans are needed, a bad policy rescue package, "said network spokesman James Davis about the farm package.

"You can not invent that," he added, "we are allegedly setting tariffs to pressure China. Then it really hurts the peasants here. The crops are thrown away, and then pull out a program from the Depression era to save the peasants, but who secures our debt? "

The network has come to terms with other parts of the administration and spent $ 20 million on the package of tax cuts Trump signed last year, and it will spend a lot to win the Senate's approval of Trump's new Supreme Court candidate, Brett Kavanaugh.

The White House representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The summer gathering at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will also discuss many longer-term goals of the network outside of politics Refreshing conservative positions at universities and investing in anti-poverty programs, 86 money-raising and management consultancies are offered to non-profit groups across the country, and the group, which started just over two years ago, is planning 40 this year Invest millions of dollars in organizations.

One of the beneficiaries: Café Momentum, a non-profit Profit restaurant in Dallas, which recently introduced internships from Dallas County to youth facilities. Teenagers dressed in crisp restaurant white at Café Momentum joined the donors retreat on Saturday and ran a pop-up restaurant with a menu that included grilled ahi tuna, smoked Texas roast chicken and baked alaska ,

No longer "Koch brothers"

Charles Koch is one of the richest men on the planet and oversees the country's second-largest private company, the Kansas-based Koch Industries, a sprawling conglomerate with interests in everything from oil to livestock to toilet paper. [19659008] The meeting takes place months before the mid-term elections, when the democratic lead in parliament becomes visible. The Democrats only have to turn around 23 GOP seats to gain control of the chamber.

At the same time, the network, which has long been closely associated with the Republicans, undergoes a kind of rebranding.

Charles Koch, 82, is one half of the influential duo known to many as the "Cook Brothers" for years. But Charles Koch, who was the driving force behind the brothers' political and political network 15 years ago, is now standing alone. His younger brother, David Koch, relinquished his roles in the company and the network in June. Charles Koch cited the worsening of his brother's health as he announced the departure.

The younger cook did not attend the weekend.

His aides say that Charles Koch is still driving the group's vision, even as Hooks and Mark Holden, a leading Koch Industries (19659008) On Saturday, Koch seemed to assure the donors that he remains an important force in the network while urging them to maintain the course in asserting their market economy ideas. "Stick to our principles, whatever the price," he said as visitors drank wine at an open-air reception by the lake.

"I do not get weak in my knees," he added.

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