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Trump's Update on Trump's Impeachment Trump: Trump calls for the termination of the impeachment investigation and demands that whistleblowers be uncovered

The letter was the last escalation in a conflict with Congress, in which the Democrats vow to blame Trump for urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to join former Vice President Joe Biden and his son at a time investigate when the US had given Ukraine military assistance.

In a statement, House majority leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) Said that Trump "betrayed our nation".

● The White House is escalating the conflict with Congress, saying that it will not cooperate with impeachment investigation against Trump.

● Former national security officials fought back when Trump attacked the impeachment as a "deep state" conspiracy.

● US judges deny the Ministry of Justice access to the house materials of the grand jury of Müller.


1:20: Trump campaign manager says democrats "try to coup president"

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted Wednesday that Democrats "try" This is not the fourth democratization attempt by Democrats in American history, "tweeted Parscale. "It's the first COUP attempt by Democrats in American history! You can call what you want, but the Democrats are trying to bust the most popular Republican president in history. "

10:40 am: Detecting Splits in GOP Senator Responses to Termination

House accuses President Trump of having removed the Senate from office. Senators will hold a trial, and it would take 20 Republicans and all Democrats to reach the constitutional two-thirds majority, or 67 votes to dismiss Trump in the face of allegations he has pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son ,

Still, some Republican senators want to know more about the whistleblower complaint that triggered it all. Others blamed Trump for asking for political help from foreign leaders or denying support for the impeachment investigation in anticipation of other facts.

We collected the reactions of all 53 Republican senators. Read more about what they had to say here.

– Adrian Blanco, Amber Phillips, Kate Rabinowitz, JM Rieger and Kevin Schaul

10:15 am: Jordan Says Democrats At a Fox News appearance, MP Jim Jordan criticized R-Ohio) the Democrats that they had not voted to open their impeachment investigation against Trump. 19659002] While the Democrats have not voted on launching an investigation, Jordan, one of Trump's most visible representatives, said when the impeachment investigation began. Jordan said it is likely that the house will eventually vote on impeachment.

"Ultimately, they seem to be on the way in terms of procedures," he said.

On Wednesday before, Jordan tweeted in defense of Trump, arguing that "Democrats are so busy" while they strike The Iron is hot, "that they did not even have a voice to their crazy Initiate impeachment proceedings! "

9:30 am: Graham says he's collecting GOP signatures for a letter to Pelosi

Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.), chairman of the Senate Justice, said Wednesday that he wanted to apply for Republican signatures for a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Graham made an appearance in Fox News calling the house's impeachment investigation "a star chamber trial."

A letter to Nancy Pelosi states that we do not consider writing a telephone call between the President and Ukraine to be a criminal offense.

When Trump is accused by the democratically-led House, a trial is taking place in the Republican-led Senate to determine if r is to remove him from office.

Graham also explained his invitation to testify to Trump's personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani before his Senate committee.

"He claims to have much evidence of corruption in Ukraine. This ties in with the Democrats and is different from what Parliament views," Graham said. "I think Rudy has a story to tell, I want him to tell it on my committee."

9:05 am: Hoyer says Trump betrayed our nation & # 39 ;, and urges the GOP to support the investigation

Hoyer, Democrat No. 2 in Parliament said Wednesday that Trump "betrayed" our nation in the Ukraine scandal.

Hoyer's assessment came in one Statement in response to Tuesday's White House announcement that it will not cooperate with Trump's investigation by urging Zelensky to investigate the issue Biden's.

"The letter sent yesterday by the White House is the most recent example for the efforts of this government to prevent an investigation into the president's misuse of power and obstruct the judiciary, "said Hoyer," The evidence shows that the president has betrayed our nation by allowing foreign interference in our elections

Hoyer called on the Republicans of the House of Representatives to work with Democrats in the impeachment investigation, a party or political issue – it's about our constitution, the rule of law, and the security of our nation. " said Hoyer. "House democrats will continue this investigation with the sincerity and seriousness they deserve."

8:20 am: Trump calls for the end of the impeachment investigation, says whistleblower should be "uncovered"

Trump called on Wednesday to end the demolition investigation conducted by the Democrats, claiming that she was infected by partisanism, in the midst of tweets, with which he struck in different directions.

"For the good of the land, this witch hunt should end now! Trump wrote and called the investigation a "scam."

"The Do Nothing Democrats are scammers who only want to hurt the Republican Party and the President," he wrote in another tweet. "They focus on 2020, No more, no less, the good news is that WE WILL BE WINNING !!!! "

In another tweet, Trump targeted the anonymous US intelligence officer whose complaint triggered the impeachment investigation and wrote that the whistleblower" exposed and should be questioned appropriately ". [19659002] Trump also aimed again at the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam B. Ship (D-Calif.), And wrote that he should be accused of fraud beautified Trump's July call with the leader of Ukraine. Schiff later said that it was meant as a parody and that Trump should have realized this.

In an earlier tweet on Wednesday, Giuliani tried to call the impeachment investigation "purely biased" and said it should be paid by the Democrats National Committee.

6:15 am: Eric Trump Advocates Calling the Impeachment Investigation an "Attempted Putsch" Fox News host Sean Hannity, who told viewers on Tuesday night that he would no longer refer to the impeachment investigation because "it not".

"This is just the final coup attempt by a duly elected president," Hannity said on his prime-time show.

"@ Seanhannity is absolutely right – this is not an impeachment investigation, it's a 'coup attempt", "tweeted Eric Trump Wednesday morning.

6 o'clock in the morning: McConnell says in the peach investigation for fairness "far undercut"

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Whose chamber would decide if he would be Trump out of the Should remove office, if he is accused, criticized the house investigation on Tuesday evening. "Tipping over the results of an American election requires the highest degree of fairness and appropriate process, as this touches the very core of our democratic process," McConnell tweeted . . "So far, the house has fallen far short of expectations because it has not used the same basic procedures it has applied to any other president in our history." Later on Tuesday evening, Trump repeated McConnell's assessment and added his own words : "The Biggest Witch Hunt in US History!"

5 o'clock in the morning: Trump's ally at Fox News calls whistleblower "suicide bomber", "accuses democrat" of regicide " [19659002] Former US lawyer Joseph E. diGenova turned to European history on Tuesday night to Describe Democrats' impeachment investigation of President Trump calling their efforts "regicide."

"DiGenova, a frequent defender of Trump, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. "This is regicide under a different name, fake impeachment. Democrats in the House of Representatives want to destroy the president.

But DiGenova, a conspiracy theorist whom Trump wanted to have in his legal team during the Russia investigation, was not finished yet: In a protracted interview to "The Ingraham Angle," the lawyer Giuliani joined joined the two anonymous ones Whistleblower beaten as a "suicide bomber" and Democrats accused of "sedition" is used by Trump's followers and even by the president himself to complain about the ongoing impeachment investigation.

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