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Tucker Carlson in Mueller report: "The people on TV lied to you"; How can Jeff Zucker stay with CNN? | Video

Tucker Carlson warned the goalposts of President Trump's investigation into Russian collusion in a solemn monologue, and reported that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had completed his investigation and submitted his report to Attorney General Bill Barr. Carlson also noted, "Not a single American citizen has been charged with anything relating to Russian collusion."

"This was a disaster," Carlson said about the political coverage of the Mueller investigation. "How can we let those in charge continue as if it had never happened? How can Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff keep their seats in the House of Representatives? They should resign." How can Jeff Sugar stay with CNN, now that we know it? What his network has told us for two years is a total lie, and it's a total lie, and what about the victims of this monstrosity? There are many. "

" After all, for years, not a single American Citizen was charged with anything regarding Russian collusion, not a person, "Carlson said on Friday's show. "Not Michael Flynn, not Roger Stone, not George Papadopoulos, not Paul Manafort, not Carter Page, not Donald Trump."

. "Many of these people have ruined their lives through Müller's investigation, and some could die in jail, none of whom worked with Russia," the host said.

"People on TV lied to you," Carlson told his audience. "They're going to deny it now, they'll tell you that it was always about Trump's taxes or a foreign real estate deal, or the money he'd paid to a friend, which is a joke." "This investigation always involved collusion with Russia, They told us about the betrayal for years. "

" We have gone through three separate investigations into Russian collusion, "Carlson said. "Not just Müller, but a committee in the house and a committee in the Senate, they've spent years looking at it, and in the end they did not find anything."

"Müller's investigation is finished this evening, but the rubble remains. For the sake of this country, we'll clean it up quickly and keep going," Carlson concluded.

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