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Tulsa sees Covid-19 rise after Trump’s June rally

Dr. Bruce Dart, executive director of the Tulsa Health Department, said in a press conference on Wednesday that high numbers were reported this week. Almost 500 new cases in two days and trends show that these numbers will increase.

In the week from June 28 to July 4, the new Covid 19 cases decreased by 20%.

The Tulsa Health Department reported 266 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total in the county to 4,571. There are 17,894 cases in Oklahoma and 452 deaths, according to the case list of Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

When asked whether the cases in Tulsa are increasing due to the rally on June 20, Dart said that there were several major events just over two weeks ago.

“I think we just connect the dots,”

; said Dart.

In a statement to CNN, Leanne Stephens of the Tulsa Health Department said: “Our epidemiologists and contact tracers are swamped with follow-up with Tulsa County residents who have been affirmed as the numbers have been extremely high in the past few days. Yesterday we set a new single day case high and you can see on our website where the trends are moving. “

This corona virus has a long incubation period – the time between infection and the onset of symptoms (if any, symptoms do occur). The incubation period is approximately three to 14 days, with symptoms typically occurring “within four or five” days of exposure, according to Harvard Medical School.

Trump Campaign Communication Director Tim Murtaugh told CNN: “There have been literally no health precautions mentioned as thousands were looted, excited and protested on the streets. The media reported that this was not going to increase Coronavirus cases. In the meantime, the president announced. ” The rally took place 18 days ago, all participants had checked their temperature, everyone was given a mask and there was enough hand disinfectant for everyone. It is evident that media concern about large gatherings begins and ends with Trump rallies. ”

Murtaugh provided a link to CNN reports of research suggesting that protests against Black Lives Matter across the country did not increase the number of coronavirus cases.
However, all of Trump’s campaign staff who attended his rally went into quarantine after interacting with several colleagues who later tested positive for the virus. Several intelligence officers were also instructed to quarantine themselves after two of their colleagues on the spot tested positive.

According to the Tulsa fire department, around 6,200 people took part in the rally.

The problem with Trump's events in the pandemic

The Mayor of Tulsa, GT Bynum, said the rally, along with the major “serious seven” events – which the state has identified as weddings, religious events and other large-scale gatherings – has informed an executive regulation that will take effect tomorrow and events With more than 500 people required, the Health Department provides instructions on how to evaluate safety plans.

Organizers and health officials will work on a case-by-case basis to make safe decisions regarding the event in accordance with the Implementing Regulation.

While hospital capacity is currently in order, Bynum said he “finally heard concerns this week, not about where things are today, but where things could look if we continued on this path unchecked.”

Bynum said ordering masks for bars and restaurants helped the Tulsa Health Department track contacts by showing them who was primarily responsible for cases in the Tulsa region.

There is no city-wide mandate for facewear, though Bynum and Dart encourage everyone to wear a mask in public.

“I think citizens need to understand that if we introduce such a mandate, we will use it there because we had no choice but to do so to protect their ability to receive long-term medical care . ” Concept of this pandemic, “said Bynum when asked why the city has not issued a mask mandate.

CNN’s Holly Yan, Ryan Nobles and Kaitlan Collins all contributed to this story.

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