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Experiment in which artificial intelligence is deceived by hand-speed (Video)

Illusion tricks surprise people, and it is not easy to solve a good trick because it disturbs our cognitive perceptions. Is there a similar situation for artificial intelligence?

Stage illusions speak a lot about cognitive biases. It seems that some of these judgments can apply to machines as well. There are a lot of things people are looking at when watching stage shows: visual tricks, distractions, etc.

Researchers at the Department of Neuroscience in Spain wanted to find out if the trick of their magic could outsmart artificial intelligence. After all, nothing is supernatural about these numbers. The money does not really disappear and reappears.

A research-based illusionist moved to a location short of the camera where there were no effects and language activities. Artificial intelligence was also trained to find out where the money was by following these pictures.


In later tests, two similar illusions were added to the illusion series they had never seen before.

Artificial intelligence was developed to cut one shape into another A number that showed money could not deceive artificial intelligence.

Although the results of the research are partially inconsistent, scientists claim that they have managed to create better artificial intelligence in mimicking people's cognitive behavior.

Source: https://venturebeat.com/2019/08/21/researchers-attempt-to-fool-ai-with-magic-tricks/

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