After six seasons, 124 episodes and 13 soundtrack albums, the Nashville television had one final scene to shoot.

In the event that you avoid spoilers, you know what we mean by describing that this is not the last shot you will see on the Thursday serial finale (CMT, 9 EDT / PDT).

Clare Bowen and Charles Esten – stars of the show since the 2012 premiere on ABC – were back in Back Dressing Room, saying their final lines as Scarlett and Deacon. Before they knew it, it was an envelope.

"Everyone was standing there, waiting for us to say something," Bowen recalls. "And I did not know what to say, except & # 39; thank you & # 39;. I love you all." Because they are my family. "

In the last six years, the television drama was in place Nashville was recorded and focused on the country music industry, a transformative force.

This goes to fans who have fallen in love with their characters and songs, the actors and the crew who have uprooted their lives, and on the city, which achieved an incredible marketing coup with the success of the show.

And this success was often fought hard: even though "Nashville" premiered for glorious reviews and decent ratings, over the years the number of viewers gradually dropped, and at the end of season four, ABC quit the show, but thanks The Rally of Fans (known as "Nashies") picked up the cable network CMT and kept it alive for two more squadrons.

When season six was announced, it became clear from the beginning that it would be "Nashville's" last – a decision that executive producer Marshall Herskovitz calls "a gift".

"We could really plan a final season, and a finale that would do justice to the characters," he says. "I think the whole season was about getting ready for it."

Of course, few were prepared for last year's surprise episode "Nashville" – with the sudden death of leading actress Rayna Jaymes, played by a series star Connie Britton

But Herskovitz says the show in its last years broke away from its soap opera side, and focus on "the human drama that people could relate to in their own lives."

While some of the showstars have bought homes in Nashville and want to stay, new theatrical gigs are starting to take them elsewhere.

Esten got a role in the upcoming TNT drama "Tell Me Your Secrets", which films in New Orleans. Bowen spends a lot of time in Los Angeles connecting with an industry she just met before "Nashville" changed her life.

One thing is certain: "Nashville" does not leave this city the way it found it. Bowen and her playmates were once the outsiders who had to earn the residents' trust – now she is six years old and watching the city change firsthand.

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