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Twelve minutes for PC and Xbox One in 2020, see new E3 trailer

Twelve Minutes Groundhog Day -like adventure game by indie developer Luis Antonio, appears in 2020 for Windows PC and Xbox One. A new trailer was unveiled today at Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Indie publisher Annapurna Interactive has released highly acclaimed titles such as What Remains of Edith Finch Gorogoa Donut County and . Outer Wilds has taken Twelve Minutes and will release it.

Here is a summary of Twelve Minutes from Annapurna:

In Twelve Minutes players slip into the role of a husband into which a romantic evening with his wife should come. The night becomes a nightmare when a policeman breaks into his house, accusing the woman of murder and beating the man to death. Then the players find themselves in the moment in which the man opens his front door, in a twelve-minute time loop and is condemned to experience the same terror again and again. Players need to find a way to use the knowledge of what will change the outcome and break the loop.

Antonio, a veteran of AAA development at Rockstar and Ubisoft, began twelve minutes ago while he worked as an artist on The Witness . I tried an early version of the game a long time ago and described it as "the most interesting game I played at PAX East 201


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