MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Joe Mauer goes into 15 seasons, six All-Star games, three Gold Glove awards, three batting titles and 2,123 career hits retiring, all with his hometown Minnesota Twins

"Thanks, Minnesota Twins, and thank you, fans, for making my career so special and memorable," Mauer wrote in a full-page ad, which aired Sunday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune will appear. "Because of you, I can leave the game that I love with a full and thankful heart." [1] The eight-year 184-million-dollar Wall Treaty expired the day after the end of the World Series and led to a natural break from the game he had grown up with in St. Paul, less than 10 miles from the Centuries away in downtown Minneapolis, he called the Twins home.

"The decision came from my health and my family," Mauer wrote. "The risk of a concussion is always there, and I was reminded that I missed 30 games this season because I was looking for a foulball, that's all I needed this time, and it was all I needed to bring myself back to the struggles I was struggling with in 2013. "

The first Overall Rank In the 2001 draft from Cretin-Derham Hall High School, the same program that spawned Hall of Famer Paul Molitor, Mauer was made a debut on April 5, 2004, two weeks before his 21st birthday, at Metrodome. He signed his mega deal three weeks before the Twins started playing on Target Field.

Wall confirmed this season that he was not sure if he was interested in playing with two 5-year-old daughters at home and a third child on the way for him and his wife Maddie. Then came the final game of the season on September 30, when he doubled in his last game and put on his catcher's gear to symbolically make another pitch in the top of the ninth inning while waving tearfully to the loving crowd. Not many players were able to bid farewell than that.

What made the moment so emotional was the fact that Wall had not been standing behind the plate since August 19, 2013, when a disgusting tap ricocheted off his mask and was triggered a concussion that forced him to move to the first base

"The concussion that I experienced this season not only changed my life professionally with a move to first base, but also changed me personally," Mauer wrote.

During His Sportsmanship – He had a scholarship waiting for him to play quarterback in the state of Florida, and was an astute guardian of the basketball team in high school. He allowed a relatively smooth transition to defense, the impact of the head injury robbing him of his ability at the plate for most of the next three years.

As a catcher, the slightly most demanding and dangerous position of the game, Wall's attacking hall of fame was worthy. In 2006, he was the first catcher to lead the league in average since 1942. He did so in 2008 and 2009 when he won .365 with a .444 percentage based on a .587 percentage in all three categories and the MVP Award. In the past 10 games of Mauer as a catcher before the concussion in 2013, he moved from 17 to 43 with three doubles, three homers and nine RBIs.

Staying healthy, however, became a challenge and his popularity dropped in one State, which was usually fierce pride in domestic players due to the size of his contract and the amount of his absences.

A knee injury limited his rookie season to 35 games, and an overstretched left quadriceps left him on the disabled's list for more than a month in 2007. Back problems abolished him throughout April 2009, when the Wall scored 28 home runs Distance his career was high. In 2011, pain and weakness in his two legs kept him out for more than two months.

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Moving to the first base allowed him to play more often, but between 2014 and 2016 his cumulative average was just 267 and the three highest hits of his career came in each of those seasons

His renaissance took place 2017, when the Twins went from 59-103 to 85-77 and a place in the AL wildcard game, where they reached the second highest total of his career with .305 .305 with 36 doubles. This made it easy to see Wall play after 2018, but in the end he opted for a .306 goal and a place among the top five of the team's career lists in a clear majority of the offensive categories. Mauer is their all-time leader in doubles and at times based and second behind the hits behind Kirby Puckett.


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