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Twitch Star Shroud follows Ninja to Microsoft's Mixer

A former Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Shroud is (or was) one of the biggest names on Twitch. He built a huge fan base that included more than 7 million followers on this platform and 5.5 million YouTube subscribers, introducing his outstanding skills in the battlefields of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout, Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends . His first stream on mixer starts at 20.00 (CET).

"Whether it was Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, PUBG or any games in between, livestreaming has enabled me to make a career of what I love doing," said Shroud in a statement. "Streaming is my passion and I owe my success to my fans who have helped me get where I am now, Mixer has the flexibility to focus my attention on it, and I look forward to joining the mixer community and I'm developing relationships with both players and fans. "

Mixers Deals for Ninja and now Shroud underscore a land grave for exclusivity in the livestreaming ecosystem, similar to what happened in the other streaming landscape between people how Netflix is ​​going. Disney, Hulu and Apple TV. For example, in August, Twitch snapped the streamer Nicholas "Nick Eh 30" Amyoony Fortnite which has made a name for itself on YouTube.

Twitch confirmed to Engadget, as was the case with Ninja. Shroud's current subscribers will receive a one-month free subscription to another channel. Your subscriptions to his channel will also not be renewed.

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