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Twitter hides Trump’s tweet about Minneapolis and says he glorifies violence: NPR

President Trump

President Trump

President Trump said he would “send in the National Guard”

; to restore order to Minneapolis, which was followed by protests and looting after the death of George Floyd, a black man, after being held to the ground by a white man for a few minutes was a policeman. “When the looting begins, the shots begin,” Trump said, asking Twitter to hide the message, in his view, “to glorify violence.”

“I can’t sit back and watch this happen to a great American city, Minneapolis,” Trump said early Friday. “A complete lack of leadership. Either the very weak Mayor of the Radical Left, Jacob Frey, brings his act together and puts the city under control, or I’ll send the National Guard in and do the job properly.”

He added: “These thugs dishonor George Floyd’s memory and I will not allow that. I just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him the military was with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will be in control take over, but when the looting begins, the shooting starts. Thanks! “

Twitter hid the second of these messages with a warning, but added that “it has been determined that it is in the public interest that the tweet remains accessible”.

Trump replied on Friday, saying that Twitter was “not doing anything against all the lies and propaganda that China or the Radical Left Democrat Party spread.”

The President’s tweets about the situation in Minneapolis and Twitter’s response to it top two important stories that have dominated the news this week.

In the first case, a white officer appears to be kneeling Floyd’s face on the sidewalk for at least seven minutes on Monday evening. A few minutes after the video started, Floyd’s requests for help fell silent. Floyd was reported dead later that night. Minneapolis police quickly released the four police officers shown in the disturbing video. The US Department of Justice said it made the investigation into Floyd’s death “a top priority.” But the demonstrators were not appeased. The 3rd District Police Department building in Minneapolis was set on fire in Minneapolis on Thursday evening. Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order that activated the Minnesota National Guard to help restore peace.

In the second story, Twitter reviewed a tweet from Trump earlier this week saying that mail-in polls lead to fraud, and prompted the president to sign an executive regulation on Thursday that aims to provide comprehensive legal protection for social, Restrict media companies. However, legal experts say they are doubtful whether the move would have a practical impact on the technology giants.

Earlier this week, Twitter hadn’t checked the president or hidden his messages on the platform.

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