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Twitter is bringing back its Mac desktop app

Just over a year after discontinuing the Mac desktop app Twitter reports that the program is being returned after Apple has unveiled Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It was explained why the app was discontinued last year.

Twitter announced the announcement during Apple's WWDC conference last week, explaining that the app will launch in the fall with Catalina and that this new version will have a variety of features like dark mode, shortcuts, multiple windows and notifications.

In February 201

8, Twitter pulled the app after a series of sporadic updates from Apple's App Store and recommended simply using the web version. In his post yesterday, it's also more of an explanation why the original Mac app was discontinued: While it was originally created with the iPhone app, the Mac app "diverge as Twitter increasingly focused on its mobile apps" and the company simply could not sustain the two.

Twitter states that Project Catalyst can use the existing iOS codebase and provide additional functionality for desktops "while maintaining our efficiency while further improving this common codebase in the years to come". [19659005]
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