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Twitter The photo of Detroit shows a lack of diversity in technology, says social media

Twitter is again being criticized for lack of diversity. This time, critics come to his Twitter account for a photo in the social media company's Detroit office.

On March 28, a photo appeared on the Twitter account of the social media company's Detroit office, which opened in 2012, and featured CEO Jack Dorsey with seven other people who seem white. In the photo were still two people to see whose race was not determined. The photo was labeled with a yellow waving hand-Emoji.

The photo was a perfect crystallization of the lack of diversity in the tech industry in general and on Twitter in particular, according to some who expressed outrage at the photo. The anger was amplified for the natives of Detroit, who pointed out that the population of the city in the Midwest is mostly black. According to the US Census Bureau, black people make up 79.1 percent of the city's population.

"Detroit has the highest percentage of black people than any other city in the country, but apparently you could not find ONE … Interesting …" wrote @MrsDiannaT, a native of Detroit. A few tweets later she complained when she came home to Detroit in 2017 and sat in downtown Twitter to get drinks with friends.

"We were the only blacks in the" hip-hop bar. "She recalled.

Tea Terei, a native and poet from Detroit, wrote that the photo was" the finest gentrification. These are the same people who were "scared" in Detroit years ago.

@BLACKSTEMUSA, a Twitter account by CM Williams and Sharon Ewell Foster, the authors of the eponymous book, released in 2015, were sick of it that the photo did not provide enough variety.

"We've given Twitter four years' doubt," they wrote. "These people do not change to be more inclusive and have no damned intention to be honest about it. The only good thing about Twitter is that it gives black people, especially #Techies, a better way of connecting. * Heavy sigh * "

And Twitter user @ 1947Jamie responded to the post and said that the crew in the photo looks" to me like the Fox News crew ".

In 2017, the social media published Juggernaut made a report claiming the company's diversity in its ranks, but Recode, a news site covering the tech industry, wrote the opposite, with USA Today reporting the same year that the workforce of the company is not very different.

One day after the release of the photo and subsequent indignation, Twitter reacted to Detroit, and Twitter said they would meet with people from the National Society of Black Engineers.

"We hear about the lack of diversity. We're committed to making sure our business reflects the people we serve, and that's where you're in Detroit. "They wrote." We have much more work to do. "

See how the people on Twitter responded to the photo posted by Twitter Detroit, which shows a lack of variety of technical possibilities. [19659024]
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