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Two armed men released after the Austin BLM protester Garrett Foster was shot dead

A motorist who shot a demonstrator armed with guns and another protester who subsequently shot the driver were both released from custody on Sunday when the police in Austin, Texas were working to put the deadly mess together.

28-year-old Garrett Foster was mortally wounded when gunfire was fired during the Black Lives Matter march on Saturday evening. The police nearby tried to resuscitate him, but he died in the hospital.

“I saw his face. I don’t know how far I was from Garrett. It felt like I was right there. He was just trying to hold on to his life, ”the organizer and witness James Sasinowski told KXAN.

When demonstrators held a vigil near the shooting range and raised funds for Foster̵

7;s fiancee, a quadruple amputee who also participated in the protest, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley gave an update on the investigation.

He said when the car in question tried to drive through the crowd, demonstrators hit the vehicle – and Foster went to the driver’s side with an AK-47 rifle.

“His report is that Mr. Foster pointed the gun straight at him and fired his gun at Mr. Foster,” said Manley, although he found that the police had received different versions of the incident.

When the driver sped away, another person in the crowd pulled out a pistol and opened fire on the vehicle, Manley said.

The driver stopped a short distance away and said he had been involved in a shootout, and the officers took him and the second gunman for questioning.

The police are consulting with prosecutors on possible charges and asking more witnesses to submit their report or video of the confrontation. An autopsy for Foster is scheduled for Monday.

“The loss of Mr. Foster last night broke our hearts,” said Manley. “It is being actively investigated.”

Foster’s mother Sheila told ABC Good morning America that he and his fiancee Whitney Mitchell had taken part in Austin’s anti-racism protests almost every night for the past two months.

She said based on witnesses who spoke to her, she believed the driver was the attacker.

“Garrett pushed Whitney through an intersection and this gentleman got out of his car and started shooting, and my son was shot three times,” she said.

The mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, blamed the presence and spread of firearms.

“In a moment, three cannons were pulled, eight shots fired, and one protester tragically killed,” he tweeted. “It’s terrible, as is all gun violence. There are too many weapons. Our city is shaken and like so many in our community I am broken and stunned. “

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