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Two Kids Steal Pizza Car Fail Stick Shift


  Photo by Henry Rodgers

12:34 PM 31.03.2018

Two children attempted to steal a pizza delivery truck in Florida after finding out that the car was equipped with a manual gearbox

Rojelio Sebastian, 14, and Miguel Garcia, 12, were arrested after attempting to ship dominoes in early March steal, Fox News reported on Saturday.

Issac Javier Ortez, Domino's delivery driver, brought a pizza to Garcia's neighbor's house and left his car with the keys in the ignition in the driveway as he went to the door to deliver the pizza. The neighbor told Ortez that he had never ordered a pizza. As the two spoke, Ortez heard his engine turn up and saw the two children with hidden faces trying to get away in his car, mentioning that they were struggling with the gear shift.

"They came out and said we would not order pizza, but if they tell me that I hear my car in the driveway, make a big noise," Ortez told NBC 2. "If they go back to the first one They can not drive equipment, "said the pizza delivery man. "They look like little kids," Ortez said. "I say they look like babies."

Sheriff's Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's Office found the two boys hours later on train tracks nearby.

The deputies also found a pipe on Garcia and accused him of "drug possession equipment." The two boys were both arrested for "wholesale theft and possession of burglary tools."

Garcia was previously charged with driving without a license after taking his mother's car in November without permission.

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