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Two million Israelis unvaccinated or partially vaccinated for measles – Israel News

According to a Channel 13 report, more than two million Israelis have either been vaccinated against measles or only partially vaccinated.

An outbreak of measles has been troubling the Israelis for months as it spreads throughout the country to the rest of the world. However, Tuesday's Israeli media reports highlighted the gravity of the situation and the difficulty in resolving the crisis.

The Department of Health claims it has only 115,000 measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines available and 100,000 additional doses of the MMRV vaccine that combines the reduced channel 13 measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chicken pox)

The State Examiner Yosef Shapira, according to a report published in January, considered consideration of the Ministry of Health's treatment of the Ministry of Health.

The Office of the Court of Auditors turned to infectious disease and public health experts and is working to gather data on previous measles outreach efforts and whether they were sufficient.

However, no formal decision has yet been taken on the next steps to combat the outbreak.

The ministry has issued a statement in the past warning the police about the dangers of measles, including the fact that every tenth patient has to be hospitalized after the virus is infected.

Nearly three percent of hospitalized patients also had problems with pneumonia. According to the data presented at the time, three meningitis infections and two measles cases resulted in deaths.

The ministry has been heavily criticized for its "ineffective" efforts to curb the outbreak.

Critics cite the delayed start of vaccination efforts in the Jerusalem area, the city with the most unvaccinated.

In addition, those born between 1

957 and 1977 received only one dose of the measles vaccine and are only partially protected.

The ministry has not been taking any action against doctors who have spread false information about vaccines for years and has not worked to warn the public to vaccinate their children. Finally, the criticism mentioned the lack of state support for Tipat Halav (early childhood clinics), where most infants receive initial vaccinations.

The measles emerged because thousands of parents had not vaccinated their children, especially among the haredi (ultra-orthodox) churches in Jerusalem, according to the Ministry of Health.

Community leaders and rabbis have sent mobile units to entire neighborhoods in recent months to vaccinate citizens living in the affected areas. [19659002SeveralmembersoftheKnessetrespondedtotheoutburstinthepast

"The anti-Semites in Europe once blamed the Jews for spreading the black plague," said former MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli. Well, [the committee] blames Hararedim for the measles. It is a pity that a meeting of national importance has become a festival of guilt. "

The Department of Health claims that immunization rates in Israel are among the highest in the world despite the current outbreak of measles.

The Health The ministry demands that children over the age of one be vaccinated against measles and other infectious diseases. The parents, however, are mostly negligent and do not follow the law.

An estimated 500 to 600 children from four schools were not vaccinated in Pardess Hanna in the Haifa district, according to an earlier report in Israel Hayom . The Ministry of Health has not carried out any significant follow-up with the communities by the end of November to tackle the problem, despite the prevalence of measles outbreaks in recent months.

The Department of Health has since shown that it is not possible to stem the disease outbreak in the affected communities of Israel, and at the moment 2,000 cases of Israelis who have contracted measles in recent months have been reported (Israel Hayom ) .

The Ministry of Health did not hold any information seminars to encourage these parents to vaccinate their children, and although the Ministry of Health offers to pay for these services, parents still reject them, according to Israel Hayom .

"It's really tragic As the Ministry of Health has barely done anything for years to inform parents in those schools who refuse to vaccinate their children and do not interfere with public awareness and the public The encouragement to vaccinate "Said a senior official of the Ministry of Health Israel Hayom (19459005). "In the middle of the country, where a serious measles problem has already been discovered, the Ministry of Health has apparently not done anything essential for years to gain effective control of the area."

The Ministry of Health claims, however, that vaccination rates in Israel are among the highest in the world despite the recent outbreak of measles.

The Health Reporter of Israel Hayom decides to interpret reality in isolation from the data and rates of Israel vaccinations are the highest in the world thanks to the Ministry's many years of activity, "said Ministry of Health in response to data released by Israel Hayom . "Wondering about the commentator's irrelevant motives and the recent outbreak was the result of outbreaks abroad and of populations not registered in the Home Office. Therefore, the health system has no access to them. Nevertheless, the ministry carried out unprecedented action and increased the immunization rate. We are proud of the team and the ministry for their impressive recruitment.

The Ministry of Health requires that children be vaccinated against measles and other infectious diseases for up to one year. However, this happens mostly for religious reasons this law. School leaders also have no formal authority to enforce health security in and around schoolyards.

As the outbreak continues to rise, the Ministry of Health will be forced to change its strategy to these communities in the near future – allowing the implementation and success of informative and persuasive campaigns to be ignored without the affected communities.

Adherents attending certain synagogues in Israel, as well as many cases recently presented in New York, have surfaced.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot publicly declared health emergency last week, warning that all unvaccinated people in Brooklyn must now receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) or severe punishments. The emergency was declared due to an outbreak of the disease among ultra-Orthodox Jews living in the area.

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will review the vaccine records of anyone who may have been exposed to infected patients. Anyone who has not been vaccinated or has immunity can be injured and fined US $ 1,000.

The decree also prohibits unvaccinated students from visiting a school or day care center. Any school or day-care center that can be attended by unvaccinated students could be subject to fines of US $ 1,000 per violation or even closure.

At a press conference last week, de Blasio stressed that urgent action must be taken on a Passover holiday as many people will travel and gather during the Passover holiday, greatly aggravating the risk of the outbreaks becoming much worse.

"This disease can spread within a few hours," de Blasio said. "It can be deadly."

The measles vaccine is given to anyone who needs it in NYC vaccine clinics, even to people who could not afford it.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 285 people have been infecting the Orthodox Jewish community in NYC since last October.

Jewish community leaders are working with the NYC city council to stem the outbreak, but New York's Yeshivas have violated the Department of Health's instructions to eliminate infected students several times since the outbreak.

Most measles outbreaks have been reported in Borough Park and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Large-scale measles outbreaks have been reported worldwide, including a major outbreak in Israel.

There are reports of "measles parties" in which children are brought close to an infected person to become infected. Dr. Herminia Palacio, Deputy Mayor of NYC, said at the press conference that this was a very dangerous practice and should be avoided. Officials from the press conference also emphasized that the vaccine is 97% effective and has been proven safe.

A flight attendant from El Al was hospitalized in a serious condition last week after she had received measles on a flight from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, according to the Times of Israel .

No Deaths Reported During Outbreak in New York City, Yet Some Patients Have Endured In The Intensive Care Unit With Severe Complications

Vaccine skepticism has also increased in other island communities, as well as in the closely rooted Somali-American community of Minnesota Where measles jumped up because of the false claim that it claims to cause autism.

The rumor had its roots in Andrew Wakefield, a former British physician whose research report, uncovered in 1998, established a link between the MMR vaccine and the developmental disorder. His papers have since been withdrawn and withdrawn, and his medical license has been revoked.

Tzvi Joffre and Gil Hoffman contributed to this report.

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