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Tyson Fury vs. Otto Wallin start time, live stream, battle prediction, date, card, betting odds, preview

When it comes to competing with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, it can turn into a complete roller coaster ride in an instant. The "gypsy king" is as unpredictable as any other sport, which makes him one of the most polarizing figures to watch out for when he's in the limelight.

One thing, the Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) before returning on Saturday against undefeated Otto Wallin at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas ( ESPN +, 11pm CET It's Your Turn! Improve the Shtick during interviews when asked why, for the second consecutive year, he faces an opponent who has much to do after getting a co-promotion contract with Top Rank who has brought his battles to ESPN in the USA.

"Listen, I'm just a boxer, I'm not a promoter, I'm not a manager and I'm not a coach, I'm doing my job and that's been," Fury told CBS Sports. "State of Combat" podcast last week. "I go into the ring, smash some people, get paid and go home ̵

1; nothing more, nothing less, if you want to know more about the pros and cons, talk to Bob Arum or Top Rank, I'm sure that someone is there. " can help you.

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Fury's opponent this weekend is almost certainly a step further than the ridiculous dating agency where the " Gypsy King "in June Tom could easily smash Tom Schwarz How much Wallin (20: 0, 13 KOs), a 6-foot-5 Swede and former Olympic champion, proves as a climber, can only be speculated, considering how unproved he is in the elite.

Asked what kind of fight he would expect for Wallin, Fury responded just as idiosyncratically: "One in which two heavyweights will hit each other hard in the face."

The frustration of many Fury is too It's the fourth time in five fights (apart from his exciting and controversial draw against WBC champion Deontay Wilder in December), in a battle that is so one-sided on paper. The truth is that 31-year-old Fury, a 6-foot-9 technician with unnatural speed and agility for a man of his size, who pursued names much more difficult – including former second-title-bearer Alexander Povetkin – was unable to do so to secure her a deal.

Asked why he does not re-attack Wilder, instead of announcing months ago that he has signed a contract for a second fight in early 2020, though both disputes may delay or completely ruin their plans, Fury returned to his own determined ways back. You have to talk to Bob Arum about all this. I told you, I only know how to crush and loosen Motherfers.

Rage may not fight against the opposing fans they would want on Saturday Nevertheless, it seems to be part of a broader strategy for the British-born Irish traveler who has been far from the bouts of drug abuse, mental health in recent years and obesity was removed, in which he was forced to give up his titles and almost end his own life.

While the details of the comeback of Fury were the predominant act when boxing until the end of 2018, very little was passed over Fought to maintain his return to stability when not being compared with opponents who are dangerous enough to get his attention. "

" I've ground down daily, "Fury said." Many great boxers say that it's easy if you do not have anything and do a great workout in the gym, but it's difficult if you have money and succeed. I think that's totally wrong. I think it's a lot easier "to get up in the morning when I know I have to eat something [on the table] and train harder.

" I train here in Las Vegas like a Trojan warrior, and I try to prove this and that smash every heavyweight they put in front of me. I can do nothing more than I can do. I'm the biggest heavyweight ever to have lived and probably ever been born on my planet, and I'll prove it by shattering every mother standing in front of me. That's it and so we roll.

In one breath, Fury joked about celebrating with the 87-year-old Arum before declaring that he does not take life, business or even boxing seriously because "it's all a game. "That led to a seemingly coherent slogan about the fragile truth of life that we will never be promised tomorrow." We are always one stroke away from catastrophe or fame "and his motto:" Enjoy, love, share, positive mood and keep everyone entertained. "Few minutes later, however, Fury's enthusiasm for his return to fame in boxing and what it might mean for his long-term legacy, as he emerges from this renaissance era of heavyweights, seemed to dissipate rapidly.

" History does not interest me. I am not interested in belts, I am not interested in legacies. I'm not interested in going down in history as a top guy. I do not care, "said Fury. I live for today and today is not good enough for me. And that's how I live. I do not care where they place me in the boxing history. Something like title defense does not interest me. It means absolutely jack s —.

It's about night, hitting people in the face, taking a few back and enjoying the night. That's it. When it's over, is it over? "He was the greatest, no, he was the greatest, no, he was the greatest!" No, it's just the opinion of a mother who does not really count anyway. When all the doors are closed, who really gives a flying sniff over what's really going on in the story? "

Also on this card is WBO junior featherweight champion Emanuel Navarrete, putting his 122-pound belt on the line against Juan Miguel Elorde, who has been rolling since his debut in the US He won the WBO Title with a shocking decision on Isaac Dogboe and then defeated the former champion in the rematch Navarrete added to his title rule with a third round TKO by Francisco de Vaca in August, Elorde (28-1) fighting for the second time in his career in the USA.

Let's take a look at MGM's latest odds before making a prediction for the main event.

Fight card, odds

Tyson Fury -2700

Otto Wallin +1500


Emanuel Navarrete (c) -3000

Juan Miguel Elorde +1500

WBO junior featherweight title

Jose Pedraza -125

Jose Zepeda -105

Junior welterweight [19659030] Before sage

Wallin has the size and the technical ability to suggest that he will drive Fury for a few laps and make this a tactical fight. The problem is that his lack of something akin to a recognizable name in his resume does not remove the fear that Wallin will not be completely out of his element the moment he touches gloves with such an exceptionally experienced and elite fighter as Fury device.

Against this competitive level, Fury is the only real opponent and how seriously he takes both the training camp and his commitment to the disarming and termination of the opponent. Anger has the abilities to make this a simple night, but will certainly have pressure to entertain Wallin and eventually stop him if he gets hurt.

Selection: Anger over TKO9

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