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7 things that are preferred by the adventurous enthusiasts of the iPhone and the Apple Smart Clock

Apple's iPhone and Apple Watch are the first in the Apple Labs in Cupertino, California, manufactured and assembled in a sterile factory with no dust atom and fingerprints.

The new iPhone and Apple smartphones offer many features that make your adventures even more enjoyable. That's why today we show you some of the ways that you can use with these devices on adventure tours where the network signal is not often available.

Here are 7 things preferred by the adventurous enthusiasts of the Smart Clock for iPhone and Apple:

1. Water Resistance:

  7 Things Favorite of iPhone and Apple Smart Clock Adventure Seekers

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If you're on a wild adventure, the clock will inevitably be rain, sweat, and water exposed from all sides. For swimmers, thanks to their resistance to water and dust, they can escape the rain or fall into a lake.

While iPhone phones are technically 100% waterproof, they have not had any problems from rain or falling into shallow waters.

. 2 GPS use without Internet:

  GPS use without Inter

What did travelers do before GPS was developed? They used a paper map or a compass, and although these tools are still very useful, the iPhone and Apple smartphones have given passengers a whole new dimension after GPS became available in airplane mode

Apple Maps allows you to travel with only but application developers have come up with some amazing tools to provide this feature while roaming.

. 3 Camera:

  7 Tasks for iPhone and Apple Smartphones

Enjoy a great camera, where Apple always tries to focus on the quality of the camera and add more features to it.

The iPhone camera, with all its different settings, is easy to use and supports a variety of shooting modes that allow you to capture brilliant moments on adventure tours with great professionalism.

For example, if you are in breathtaking scenery and you are afraid that you will not be able to capture the entire scene in one image, you can use pano mode to get a stunning picture at a wide angle. Waterfalls, Giant Trees or Other

The Apple Camera also supports live photos that let you capture audiovisual memories in 3 seconds. In HDR mode, you can take multiple photos at different color levels and merge them automatically so you can get them (19659002) Burst lets you capture multiple photos at the same time, so you can choose from a large number of pictures and sync all the pictures you've taken (ICloud) for easy access from any other device.

4- Battery life:

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If you're using the old iPhone 6s and switching to the iPhone XR, you'll love the dramatic change in battery life, and the iPhone XR has no battery concerns but it helped to capture all the desired images, track tracks, and connect to a mobile network, if available.

5. Face ID:

  Face ID

Face ID is a large one Improvement in opening the lock of modern iPhone phones and better than the Touch ID feature, especially when

6th flight mode:

  flight mode

One of the biggest challenges for adventurers is to improve the battery life of their devices as long as possible to extend your adventure to one In a location with limited mobile coverage, connected phones, and mobile devices is constantly looking for a connection in the network, and this process empties the battery faster than if you were in the city with good network coverage.

] You can enable Airplane Mode during adventure travel by disabling all communication features on your device, but leaving a system GPS works, which saves the battery. When you arrive at a location with good cellular coverage, you can switch between modes, check messages and notifications.

7 – Watchbands


Of the stylish ties that fit on most occasions, with the ability to easily switch between them. It also supports a wide range of health tracking features, other easy-to-navigate applications, and Apple Pay payment service supported by hundreds of banks around the world.

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