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House of Poetry in Mafraq launches its fourth meeting in Amman

Amman – Ibrahim al-Sawair

Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, the House of Poetry – Mafraq – was opened four years ago on the initiative of the ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. In the presence of the chairman of the cultural authority in Sharjah Abdullah Al Owais and with creative contributions by the poet Zuhair Abu Shaib, Omar Shabana, Dr. Ing. Maha Al Atoum, dr. Ibrahim Al-Saafin, and Samih al-Sharif, in addition to a concert welcomes the Alm The ceremony will be held on Friday, 5.10. At 19:00 in the National Library with readings by poet Abdullah Abu Shmeis, Wafa Jabbour, dr. Ibrahim Al-Kufahi, Mohammad Abu Hdeib and dr. Atallah Al-Hajaya take place. The evening will be on Saturday, 6.1

0. At 7:00 pm in the community hall of Mafraq Al-Kubra with readings by the poet dr. Mohammed Mokdadi, Ghazi Al-Thiibah, Ahmad Abu Salim and Ali Al-Faouri and a turbulent performance at the Dr. med. Hamzah Basbous held the ceremony.

The director of the House of Poetry Faisal Al-Sarhan that this He tried to renew to be in different places instead of being all his activities in the city of Mafraq, which prevented many poets from spending his evenings to the distance between Amman and Mafraq, which indicated that the election this year was the theater of Osama Almshini Of artistic and cultural value, as well as the cultural and cultural characteristics of artists and artists. Al Sarhan said that the Forum has always been involved in a three-day evening with a number of young poets and pioneers of the experience, and pointed out the youth creations that the Forum has shown since its inception four years ago.

Al-Sarhan said that the Department of Poetry House, in coordination with the Sharjah Culture Authority, has set the objectives of the initiative of the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and his cultural efforts in the series of a thousand poetry house in the Arab world, where the retailer in Jordan was chosen because of his distance from the carrion The establishment of the House of Poetry in coordination with the Jordanian Ministry of Culture has become promising innovations distributed to all governors in Jordan, where they were hosted by the Ministry of Culture. Most poets of the Jordan in verse poetry made the House of Poetry all this institutional reputation in its activities and its annual poetry

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