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Kedarsidin is the first antibiotic against cancer

Scientists have discovered the invention of the antibiotic "Kidarsin" bio, which has the ability to destroy the DNA of bacteria and cancer cells.

This antibiotic was invented by a group of international scientists from the British universities of Lincoln and Tokyo. This material was discovered naturally in India 30 years ago. Scientists find that soil is the natural source of all antibiotics that developed in the 1940s.

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Russian scientists "live" promising protein for cancer treatment

The substance (the prototype of kidarsin) extracted from the soil during the study showed strong antitumoral and antibacterial properties , However, they have a complex molecular structure and force researchers to decode their lab in the lab. Recently, researchers were able to analyze their molecular structure and understand how they could develop an antibiotic against cancer.

The antibiotic Kidarsin has high bioactivity, which makes it possible to destroy DNA in target cells in microorganisms and cancerous tumors and prevent their growth and subsequent development.

The advent of this antibiotic "Kedarissin" may be considered the beginning of the emergence of a new generation of antibiotics in the world.

Source: Medicom

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