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Rima Fakih lays her second baby early and these are his first pictures

Rima Fakih prepares her second baby early and these are his first pictures. We always strive to deliver you a unique message. Her news website is a news page created in 2016 with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive news content to offer. New news on the Arab and international scene from many reliable news sources, where we diligently review what's new in the political arena, technology and sports and other areas of interest to our readers on the news website's website, the second one is early and these are the first pictures of him, hoping to get your satisfaction and trust us, dear visitors, Rima Fakih puts her second baby early and these first pictures of him. Friday, March 30, 2008 10:24 AM Miss USA, The original, Rima Faqih her audience after announcing the birth of her second child recently, two days ahead of schedule, according to some sources said. She had taken part in her "Alasturi" with her followers, taking a few shots as she went with her husband to the interviewer and entered her room.

Rima called her baby Joseph and her husband Waseem Salibi published a picture of his wife and son in the operating room of a Los Angeles hospital, whose followers later took a photo of the same room where her husband was carrying her child, with a peculiarity, which has won the admiration of thousands of fans through its own account on the Instagram page.

She also appeared in a new and spontaneous video with her family, thanking God for the grace she had always hoped for. Rima had kept the baby shower before her baby Joseph came in a few days and was invited by a group of friends who wanted to meet and party.

It should be noted that about a year ago, Fakih had her first child, Rima Jounir, who is very similar to her father and mother, and her photos were also spread through social networks from the hospital. She had previously stated in a television interview that she did not expect her to be held at this rate again, especially as her daughter had not finished her first year yet.

A well-known star who has predicted what will happen to her usually shares her life fantasies and does not mind publishing her children's pictures, unlike many stars and artists. She recently received many positive comments accompanying her pictures during pregnancy, where she managed to preserve her beauty and grace, which was praised by the activists.

On the other hand, Al Najma, known for several weeks, has announced that young women will be invited to take part in the Miss Lebanon 201

8 competition, where they will chair the committee and monitor the candidates themselves. Maya Diab supported her friend in this move, stressing that the level of competition is still progressing this year.

Rima Fakeeh gives her second baby early and these are his first pictures Thanks, dear visitors Ali Hassan We hope that you were informed about the news with all transparency and credibility Rima Fakih makes her second baby early and these are his first Pictures Do not forget to follow us.

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