Jeff Rathburn of Local 598 and a material driver at GM Flint Assembly Plant discuss the strike.
Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press

UAW and General Motors negotiators were present until about 3 am before they stopped and resumed talks in the morning.

It was the first working session of the night since the union's strike on September 16 at 00:01 in the morning said people who were close to the talks and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The late night is a positive sign, but no certainty that a preliminary deal is imminent. Only the subcommittees negotiated and worked until the early hours of the morning. The top bargain hunters had not gathered at the main table late Thursday morning.

(Photo: Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press)

This is the fourth week that 46,000 GM trade unionists are striking nationwide. On Monday, GM submitted a new contract proposal to the union. Those close to the talks said the union was still working to respond.

Colin Lightbody, a former employment agency for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said the long session was a step in the right direction, but no slam dunk.

"Usually it's the main table you want to see deep into the evening," said Lightbody. "But the fact that subcommittees meet until the wee hours is a good sign."

Lightbody was director of the FCA for Labor Economics until his retirement in 2018. He is now President of HR & Labor Guru Inc., a consulting firm in Windsor, Ontario. He spent 20 years with the FCA and worked on five national negotiations in the US and seven in Canada with their auto worker unions.

"To my knowledge, the UAW has not responded to GM's latest contract offer filed on Monday morning, which at this stage of the game would be expected to see bids and counter-bids every few hours as parties approach a deal not be traded every few days. "

He said he remains positive because" at least the two parties are still talking. "

The ongoing strike calls for a tribute from GM, strikers and the related community Analysis estimates that up to 100,000 workers have been dismissed, wage cuts threaten or otherwise affected by the strike against GM.


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Last slideNext slide [19659020] Some car dealers are struggling to procure parts for the repair of cars – GM has an estimated US $ 1 billion lar lost, although the estimates vary widely. Striking workers get $ 250 a week from the UAW strike fund.

One of the remaining issues is critical and complex to solve: job security, said those close to the talks. The UAW wants to be sure that GM will build future vehicles, especially gasoline-powered cars, in US plants.

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GM, however, pays far more Labor costs in the United States are higher than in Mexico. To be profitable and competitive, some vehicles have to be built in Mexico. Labor experts say that Mexican workers work in GM factories starting at $ 1.90 an hour. The production of UAW employees in the United States starts at $ 17 per hour and can earn $ 28 after eight years.

The union was upset when GM announced in November that it would not assign new vehicles to two US assembly plants, Lordstown, Ohio and Detroit. Hamtramck and no future work for gearboxes in Warren and Baltimore. Lordstown and the power plants are idle; Detroit-Hamtramck to Operate at Reduced Level by January

"Many of the UAW folks who were in Lordstown, Detroit-Hamtramck, Warren and Baltimore are now with other UAW locals because they were transferred when they were arrested Idle, "said one person familiar with the negotiations. "When it comes to ratification, job security is important because these people feel it, it's close to home." [TSG] Late Tuesday, UAW chief negotiator Terry Dittes told union members that GM had not shown a "firm commitment" to building vehicles in US factories that the union considers key to job security.

"On the 23rd day of our strike, this is still one of our key agenda items that are barely making progress," said Dittes.

The letter added, "We have made it clear that there is no job security for us if GM products are manufactured in other countries to sell here in the US We believe the vehicles GM here We do not understand GM's opposition to this proposal. "

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