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Uber now has a program to take your dog with you

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One of the disadvantages of being pet owners and no Vehicle is that you are usually at the mercy of someone who is willing to transport you both in good faith. Uber knows this can be difficult, and launches a new pilot, Uber Pet, to simplify this process for all concerned – assuming they all show their best behavior.

Uber drivers are independent contractors who work with their own vehicles, which means that by getting into their car, they are effectively taken to a place where they run their entire business. For this reason, booking a ride for both drivers and pets that you do not know about or can be difficult. The people are bad enough. It is perfectly reasonable that everyone could be careful, a dog, a cat or God knows what else is included in the equation.

Uber announced this week that it is testing the Uber Pet Ride option in various US markets, such as TechCrunch reported Wednesday that a feature that resembles Gizmodo, according to a Uber spokesman , has already been tested in Latin American and Asian countries. Instead of having to go through the multi-stage process of finding a driver who feels comfortable with your stranger so that it is allowed in his vehicle, drivers can choose the option while booking their trip and be paired with a driver who does Already allowed animals that are not on duty to ride in their cars.

Good boy looking for a dry ride.
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Under this system, drivers will be charged $ 3 to $ 5, in addition to their fare, depending on the city. This fee is included in the up-front charge they see in choosing their ride option, said a Uber spokesman Gizmodo. The program is currently in Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay. In these cities Uber drivers have the option of disabling the transportation of passengers bringing an animal.

However, those who choose to pick up people with pets will retain a "substantial amount" of the fee, the spokesperson said, although he declined to name a percentage, and instead said he was "in the" Proximity of "would be the largest part of the surcharge levied for the trip. Basically, Uber still manages to benefit from this additional burden on the drivers. In response to the question of whether drivers are responsible for damage to their vehicle that may be caused by the transport of pets, the announcer reported that Uber's drivers were liable to pay for any damage caused to them by in accordance with Community Guidelines can demand these drivers .

As a pet owner I have certainly done more than a few rides with my dog ​​with Uber or Lyft. Each trip requires a multi-step process of booking the trip, waiting for a driver to connect, asking the driver if he wants to carry a medium sized dog in his vehicle, and possibly repeating the procedure again in this case – very understandably mind you – refuse the trip. For me as a driver, this is a very minor inconvenience, as drivers who take this vehicle in the US each time they leave an animal in their car are at greater risk for possible damage to their vehicles without any additional benefit. [19659012] Illustration for article entitled Ubers makes it easier to take your pet for the ride – and dare not ruin this for me ” data-poster-src=”” data-anim-src=”” data-cropped=”false” class=”dv4r5q-1 hEuYft”/>

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Uber tracks for his drivers so-called graduation rates ie rides they have both accepted and completed. The Uber spokesman said that according to his normal system, cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, even though the spokesman refused to specify which limits the riders must follow in order to survive in the company. If riders decide to take part in Uber Pet in cities where the pilot is piloted, they will not be penalized for refusing pets pets that can not be accommodated.

This feature can help drivers connect with drivers who want and can transport pets, while keeping those who do not want to transport animals from canceling already accepted trips. As a dog owner, I do not mind paying my driver a few dollars more for the ride. This system not only seems fair, but better for everyone involved.

Ultimately, however, it is the job of riders not to be assholes. So, if you plan to bring your pet along for the ride, make sure you take all necessary measures to avoid a driver's car clutter. Ask where it is appropriate for the animal to sit or stand in the vehicle. And remember, after leaving the car, someone will probably go straight to you. And for God's sake, tip your driver.

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