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Ubisoft executives resign on allegations of sexual misconduct

Three Ubisoft managers accused of participating in or allowing sexual and professional misconduct, which has been detailed in the past few weeks, have been pushed out of the company.

The company announced the departure of Serge Hascoët, Yannis Mallat and Cécile Cornet in a press release. Each of them faced different allegations that matched their respective positions.

These three departures are a shocking fall even after previous allegations. Several reports have claimed a “mafia-like” culture within the company that will go to great lengths to protect key studio members while at the same time displacing employees who are trying to file complaints.

Ubisoft says these departures are “voluntary”

; and don’t go so far as to state that they are firing the three executives.

According to an article in the French Liberation magazine, Hascoët, head of the Ubisoft editorial team, has been accused of misogyny, homophobia and the attempt to drug teammates. Mallat himself was not accused, but as head of Ubisoft’s Canadian business, he oversaw the toxic environments described at Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto.

Until this announcement, Cornet led the company’s human resources department and was part of a “multidisciplinary working group” aimed at improving life in the company. Liberation’s reporting claims that, under Cornet’s observation, the human resources department took into account the behavior of Hascoët and other employees.

Cornet itself appears to be affected by Liberation’s article. According to Liberation, the head of human resources said: “Yves [Guillemot] agrees to toxic management as long as the results of these managers exceed their toxicity level. “

This allegation contradicts the conciliatory statement made by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in the press release.

“Ubisoft has failed to meet its commitment to ensure a safe and inclusive work environment
Employees. This is unacceptable because toxic behaviors are in direct contrast to values ​​I’ve never been to
compromised – and never will. I am determined to implement profound changes across the company
Improve and strengthen our work culture, “he wrote.

“If we make our way to a better Ubisoft together, this is my expectation
Managers across the company are leading their teams with the utmost respect. I also expect them to work
drive the changes we need and always remember what’s best for Ubisoft and all of its people. “

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