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UFC registers four brands for “UFSEA”, including events and merchandising

The UFC could prepare for further offshore activities.

On May 19, the promotion’s parent company, Zuffa, LLC, registered four trademarks related to the term “UFSEA”.

As Washington-based trademark attorney Josh Gerben first emphasized, the language in one of the entertainment services, mixed martial arts competitions, and special events materials is identical to a Zuffa, LLC April 13 filing for trademarks of “FIGHT ISLAND”.

In the “Goods and Services” section of the application, the application is as follows:

Entertainment services, namely organizing and conducting competitions and events for mixed martial arts; Arranging and conducting special events for social entertainment purposes; Entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable audio and video recordings featuring sports and mixed martial arts via the Internet, television, cable and satellite; Entertainment services, namely, a multi-media program featuring sports and mixed martial arts distributed across platforms across various forms of transmission media; Educational services, namely, fitness classes and mixed martial arts; Providing educational programs and courses in the fields of fitness and mixed martial arts; Sports training services; Training and conditioning training for physical fitness; and providing information relating to entertainment, sports, mixed martial arts and sporting events

Although it is unclear whether the brands “UFSEA” and “FIGHT ISLAND” are related, on May 19 and April 13 there is also an identical language for the submission of goods, including clothing, advertising materials and towels.

During a section on May 17th episode of Last week tonight Regarding UFC’s return to the coronavirus pandemic, host John Oliver jokingly suggested several names for the “Fight Island” events proposed by the UFC, including “UFSea”.

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