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UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov targets Mayweather Fight

In a video posted on Instagram by Leonard Ellerbe, promoter of the extravagant boxer, Russian fighter challenged Mayweather, who himself had beaten McGregor in a unique neck-and-neck race in August.

"Let's go Floyd, we have to fight now," says a smiling Nurmagomedov in the video that was shot in a fight in Russia, according to Ellerbe.

"50-0 against 27-0, two guys (who) never lose, let's go, why not, because there's only one king in the jungle (there's only one king), of course I'm the king, because he can not fall … McGregor, but I'll let him down easily, so let's go. "

Mayweather has fought 50 professional matches without defeat; the younger Russian has a 27-0 record.

It was not clear from Nurmagomedov's challenge what the discipline ̵

1; MMA or boxing – would be if the two met.

Warm Matchup

Nurmagomedov's eagerly awaited UFC match against McGregor ended in October with the ugliest scenes after the bout.

The 30-year-old Russian won the Heat There was a clash with a fourth victory, but the headlines were made when Nurmagomedov went over the top of the octagon to attack someone in the crowd immediately after his victory.

It was apparently followed by a Nurmagomedov camp

Fellow Russian Zubaira Tukhugov – a featherweight fighter – was drawn from a fight against Artem Lobov after the brawl that broke out after the Khabib-McGregor showdown.

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The lightweight champion later said he was through McGregor's trash-talk before fighting with the Irishman – before his first match-up since losing to Mayweather – was tightened last summer – comments on Nurmagomedov's family, religion and nationality.

Nurmagomedov also referred to an incident earlier in the year when McGregor pleaded guilty to an attack on a bus with UFC fighters in Brooklyn that injured a number of athletes and led to the cancellation of two fights and the way as it had been used to promote the fight last weekend.

He said that the UFC – respected organization of mixed martial arts – would lose him as a fighter if they were to shoot down Tukhugov after the attack incident.

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