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UFO sightings: Top Sen in the Senate committee, the senators taught

"When pilots in Oceana or anywhere report flying hazards that interfere with training or endanger Senator Warner's answers, it does not matter if it's weather balloons, little green men, or something else – we I can do our pilots Do not ask to risk their lives unnecessarily, "said Rachel Cohen, spokeswoman for Senator for Democratic Virginia, Mark Warner, to CNN.

The briefing was first reported by Politico.
  US Navy introduces pilot guidelines to report UFO sightings.

President Donald Trump recently confirmed that he was also informed about reports from naval pilots who discovered unidentified flying objects.

"I had a very brief meeting," Trump told ABC News in an interview broadcast on Sunday. "But people say they see UFOs, do I think so? Not very much."
Several pilots told The New York Times in an article published in May on several encounters with UFOs without a visible engine or infrared exhaust.
In April, the Navy introduced guidelines for its pilots to report inexplicable events so that the military can track what may or may not happen. Politico first reported on this matter.

A Navy official told CNN at the time that the Navy does not believe extraterrestrials have flown through US airspace.

However, there were "a number of reports that unauthorized and / or unidentified aircraft have flown in recent years into various military-controlled areas and designated airspace."

The Navy said this type of "invasion" poses both a security risk and a security risk.

"For safety reasons, the Navy and USAF take these reports very seriously and examine every single report.

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