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What happened to Norma Jean Clark?

Exhibit A is Netflix's newest original crime series released on the streaming platform last weekend (June 28).

The four-part documentary examines the US justice system, examining four specific areas of the investigation process and examining a specific case in each case.

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<p class= In the second episode, we are introduced to the science of blood spatter, and for anyone familiar with the genre of true crime, this is a general proof used to summarize what might have happened to a victim.

For example, in The Staircase much time was devoted to discussing the blood pattern that surrounded the victim as part of a development during the trial following the conviction of the case, the crucial blood evidence of splattering that used in Michael Peterson's original process were discredited after the expert's questionable practices were revealed.

  Exhibit A Netfli x, Netflix Exhibit A, Edmund Clark [19659004<In Exhibit A The Science is reviewed the lens of the circumstances under which Edmund Clark was assassinated. On April 22, 1987, at the age of 37, the businessman was found dead in his house with gunshot wounds.

Edmund's wife Norma had been in the house at the time, telling the police, according to the Netflix documentation, that she had slept upstairs – while her husband slept in the bedroom downstairs – when she heard the shot, ran down the stairs and out of the House.

In archival material from the episode, Norma told the camera that she first thought it was her husband who shot someone or something until she stopped hearing the sounds.

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<p class= The prosecution expert He was arrested as part of Exhibit A interviewed and told the filmmakers that he had been skeptical of Norma's story from the beginning, but Norma has always maintained that she is innocent in the death of her partner The prosecution was brought before a large jury, but due to lack of evidence, neither officially accused Norma nor charged her with a crime.

About 25 years later, investigators claimed to have found forensic evidence concerning Norma.

"You have a shot wound [that's] going to disappear at high speed, "David explained, before adding that at a crime scene like this one would expect" microscopic "blood particles and the larger pools. "If you take a spray bottle and spray it into the sunlight, [you’d] you see that fine mist – that's what we're looking at."

Typically, according to this expert, this fine spray would only cover a distance of three feet or less. He claimed to have found evidence of this impact at high speed on the nightgown Norma had worn on the night of the murder. He argued that she had been at the scene when the gun was fired.


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Edmund Clark's murder had become a cold case, but this apparent new evidence gave the investigators the opportunity to arrest Norma.

According to Norma's lawyer after the conviction, it turned out that the laboratory results on these stains were "not tested positive for blood" except for one of the microscopic stains.

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The government brought the case already advanced at that time, and the prosecutor rested his case on this evidence. In 2013, Norma Clark was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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After Norma's conviction, there were many other clues that could be investigated, including a death threat on Clark's answering machine that was played during the series, she argued [19559002] Norma is now 71 years old and, when she completes her sentence, will not be released until 2038.

All four episodes of exhibit A may be posted on

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