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22nd July: What a holiday today, what can not be done and signs of the day

Learn about the major holidays and events on July 22 in history

  The 22nd of July celebrates the Cyril Day.

The 22nd of July celebrates the Cyrillic Day. 162 days remain until the end of the year. Birthdays – Cyril, Pankrat, Alexander, Fedor. In Swaziland they celebrate the day of company, in the cars they celebrate the day of tree planting.

Today they write, which holidays the Ukrainians celebrate on July 22, 201

9. In addition, we will talk about the most interesting and important events in history on this day, as well as the main characters for the 22nd of July.

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20. July: What holiday is today, how do you spend this day?

On July 22, the holy martyr Cyril, who served as bishop during the reign of Emperor Maximilian, is remembered. At age 84, he was taken to court, forcing him to renounce God. Cyril did not want to worship idols, so they decided to burn him. But God saved his life, and the Emperor ordered Cyril to be released when he saw a miracle. Although he was soon arrested again and executed this time.

In antiquity, the peasants called the "Blueberry Day" on July 22nd. This berry has so many soothing properties that you sometimes even take harvest breaks to properly stock up on blueberries in the winter. Also Pankratia and Cyril was the day on which you have to collect the first cucumbers. It was believed that today a cucumber must be hidden from people's eyes – this was the key to a rich harvest.

Signs for July 22

  • Many blueberries are ugly – frost in winter starts early and is strong.
  • When the moon begins to shine at night Darkened, then wait until the end of July for the rain.
  • For cucumbers to have a good harvest, they must be planted on the garden where maize was grown last year.
  • The signs for July 22nd say that those who eat blueberries today become healthy, beautiful and strong.
  • If harvesting cucumbers, odi Mr. Cucumber will secretly be buried in the beds, the harvest will be rich.

1793 – For the first time a European, Scottish traveler Alexander Mackenzie crossed Canada.

1806 – the first Russian world voyage of the ship "Neva" "under the command of Yuri Lisyansky.

1921 – Ostap Vishny's first feature article in the newspaper Selyanska Pravda was published.

1944 – the International Monetary Fund became

1946 – the World Health Organization (WHO) Charter was adopted. [19659013] July 22: Born on that day

1596 – Mikhail Fedor Ovich, Russian Tsar, the first of the Romanov dynasty.

1711 – Georg Wilhelm Richman, Russian physicist, pioneer of electricity research.

1895 – Pavel Sukhoi, Soviet aircraft designer, inventor of sujet jets.

1946 Mirei Mathieu, famous French singer.

1949 – Juna Davitashvili , Soviet healer, astrologer.

1951 – Oleg Gazmanov, Russian singer, poet, composer.

1971 – Dmitry Kolyadko, Ukrainian choreographer, dancer, singer. [19659659008] 1992 – Selena Gomez, American actress and singer.

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