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Evgenia Loza married Anton Batyrev – watch photos and videos from the wedding of Evgenia Loza and Anton Batyrev

The popular actress, TV star Evgenia Loza and Russian actor Anton Batyrev played a wedding. Lovers signed in the Griboedovsky registry office in Moscow. The bridal couple shared touching wedding photos on Instagram. The happy Eugene and Anton demonstrate wedding rings on them and gently congratulate each other with a kiss. "My dear girl, I love you very much !!!" …

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Потап показал клип ко Дню Независимости, который снимали на одесском рынке | Новости Одессы Думская.net Группа Mózgi представила клип на песню о самой лучшей жизни в Украине # Буквы "Ось навіщо Батьківщина" Mózgi взбудоражили сеть первым клипом на украинском Обозреватель Mózgi выпустили первый украиноязычный клип: видео | Korrespondent.net Корреспондент.net Mózgi в школе-интернате и на одесском рынке сняли клип на первый …

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showed how to create a stylish picture from A to Z.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Photo: instagram.com/rosiehw)►19659003.06.2012 The 32-year-old model has prepared a new beauty lesson [19659003] Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows that most of her followers dream of being as stylish and luxurious as she is. That's why he often does Rose Inc. for his project. Video lessons. There you will find tutorials for all occasions, including many – how to make a specific …

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so few have seen them. Politeka

Ukrainian stars do not hesitate to upload photos on which they do not wear make-up. Natural beauty is more and more appreciated in the world, so that Ukrainian stars do not lag behind this trend. Previously, paparazzi wanted to show how artists without makeup look like. However, celebrities are not so ashamed of their looks and publish photos with "naked" …

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Максим Виторган обратился к матери в день ее рождения

46-летний Максим Виторган написал обращение к матери Алле Балтер которой не стало 19 лет назад. Актер заявил что старается жить так чтобы мама им гордилась. Актриса театра и кино Алла Балтер ушла из жизни в 2000 году в возрасте лет 60th Сегодня матери Максима Виторгана исполнилось бы 80 лет. В день рождения артистки ее сын опубликовал ее черно-белое фото и …

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Miley Cyrus commented for the first time on the divorce of Liam Hemsworth: "My marriage did not end because of adultery."

Yesterday it was revealed that the reconciliation between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, which the fans of the couple had hoped for, would not materialize – the actor decided to take a difficult step and file a divorce. And a little later, the singer first commented on her breakup on her Instagram. Miley remembered her youth when she cheated, experimented …

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