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Mr. Bean leaves a great movie for Baby Bean

Famous British comedian Rowan Atkinson, known worldwide for movie fans like Mr. Bean, is leaving the big movie temporarily.

According to a source close to the actor, Rowan Atkinson told friends that he has not been filming for at least a year, reports The

Mr. Bean with his wife Louise, photo: REX FEATURES

"I will take care of our child, my and my friend Louise, to give her the opportunity to focus on acting career!" Atkinson admitted.

Recall that 64-year-old Atkinson and one of the girls, Louise Ford, had a baby in 201

7, so Mr. Bean decided to help his wife.

Her romance began in 2013, and in December 2017, Louise Ford gave birth to a girl named Isla May. The happy father calls her baby bin (baby bean).

The latest work by the famous comedian was a parody of Bondian's films – "Johnny English beat again."

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