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Scandalous actor shocked his subscribers again (video)

Russian actor Alexey Panin published in Instagram a video of his 11-year-old daughter Anya holding a cigarette in his hands. The subscribers criticized Panin sharply, whereupon he closed the possibility of commenting.

The actor asked people to voice their opinions in the comments to the previous photo. The picture shows Zar Nicholas II, who gives his daughter a cigarette shell in the mouthpiece.

"Rule out of fear of enemies! Smoking in the family of Nicholas II Nicholas II And her daughter smoke a cigarette in a long mouthpiece, all good!" – noted the artist.

 The Scandalous Actor Again Shocked Its Video Subscribers - Photo 2

Subscribers did not appreciate the allusion and again criticized Panin. "I compared myself to the king!", "Why should I ruin a child?", "A girl with a cigarette is a terrible sight!", "Horror, I would rip my hands off." wrote commentators.

Panin used to call the Russians sexually backward primitives. It was also reported that the famous Russian actor shocked his fans with his confession.

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