Travis Reinking was taken to the Davidson Prison in four cases for the murder of a Waffle House in Antioch.

Undercover drug detective Kyle Williams had spent 20 hours on two rainy days chasing the alleged Waffle House shooter when his team killed the Call received (19659009) Officials had set up a team of two 911 operators to receive phone calls and veterinarian tips about possible sightings of 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who had killed four people in the Antioch restaurant after he fled foot.

A woman on a construction site less than three kilometers from the shootout said she saw a man who looked like Reinking and emerged from the forest in front of Murfreesboro Pike, looking "shocked" and "disoriented."

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The man was behind Cane Ridge Elementary School shot, said the caller.

Sighting so close to a school made the top a priority. Williams and about a dozen members of his search team headed for the woodlands near Old Hickory Boulevard and Hobson Pike. [19659908] The team splits up


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About seven officers went to the top of the forest area, which meandered into a residential complex [19659008] Williams and four to five other officers went to the bottom of the forest area. They split up to cover more territory.

Williams started to go to Woodline. The woods were still wet from the rain of the previous day. There were thorny shrubs, dead trees and fallen leaves everywhere. The undergrowth began to thicken as spring set in.

About 50 feet into it, Williams, who was alone, stopped.

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"I could hear the brush making noise as if someone was running," Williams said in an exclusive interview with the US TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee.

"I crouched under the leaves on the floor and saw a pair of black pants."

Williams issued a call that is known only to the police – a way to identify a colleague who can answer with the correct answer code tone.

"As soon as I did not get an answer, I immediately knew it was not a police force," he said.

He answered and called "Metro Police".

"The suspect's head slammed around the tree," Williams said.

Williams immediately recognized the man as Reinking.

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Waffle House sniper Travis Reinking was found on Monday, April at a construction site near his residential complex 23, 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee [19659034] (Photo: Larry McCormack / The Tennessean)

"At that moment we were both surprised," Williams said. "He did not really expect me to be there and I did not expect him."

"When the initial shock subsided, training began."

Williams ordered Reinking to show his hands. Williams could not see both hands at first, but when he saw that, he saw that Reinking was not holding a gun.

"I ordered him to lie on the ground with his hands raised, so that he could do nothing with me."

Williams was alone with Reinking in the woods. With his gun aimed at the man, he called two nearby colleagues and said, "You are all coming to me, I said I have the Lord who agrees with the description of the citizen who has called and in Detention was. "

Two more officers arrived in seconds. Reinking was handcuffed, a black backpack was cut from his shoulders as he lay face down.

Reinking said nothing.

"There's a lot of adrenaline at this point, I'm glad that the suspect is in custody and the families know that their killer's killer has been captured … at the same time … it's hard to explain, it's a wave We work long hours, it has been raining almost all the time, we have answered so many calls to search for this gentleman, which is difficult to explain. "

Williams noticed that Reinking's backpack was wet, but the maroon shirt and black pants he wore were completely dry 34 hours after the scene.

Other officers brought Reinking to a patrol car.

Williams meanwhile drove back to his car where he left his cell phone and called his fiancee

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"I let them know that I was OK and everyone on the team was fine," he said.

Then he returned to work and stayed on Monday night.

[1965] 9020] "I think everyone is tired, but we still have a job to do even if he is in prison, "he said.

Colleagues, he said, kept telling him, "They did a good job."

"It's a situation where nobody wants to be, but you're just glad you're safe," Williams said.

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