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Unfortunate Tom Coughlin beat Jaguars: "How we behave on the field is ridiculous"

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the last to lose 3-7 at AFC South and have lost seven games in a row. Things look bleak when offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett was fired after her last defeat and Vice President Tom Coughlin is obviously dissatisfied with the way things are going.

In an interview on "The Drill" of 1010 XL, "Coughlin criticized the Jaguars for their performance on the field, not to mention their antics (the most recent being returned by Leonard Fournette, who was ejected and suspended for a match

"Let's face it, our numbers have gone down everywhere," Coughlin said. "Our bags are far down, our pressure is lower, our sales are huge ̵

1; they're out of sight – the penalties. The way we behave in the field is ridiculous, some punishments. So there are many things that are addressed and addressed.

Coughlin also defended the team's decision to expand Blake Bortles, albeit indirectly.

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"We were a whistle, Super Bowl," Coughlin said is my position. So tell me, everyone out there, will not you fill in other parts and try to be as good as possible? Well, we tried. The nature of the game caught us, so we go back to the drawing board.

Coughlin praised the Rams and Chiefs for adapting to the current NFL and said that the Jaguars' lack of major games is stagnating the offense (watch the Jaguars compete against the Colts at 13.00 ET on Sunday) CBS , Stream on CBS All Access or fuboTV (free trial))

"They must have explosive games," he said. "They need to get the ball into the game. There was a time when our big games … there was still this kind of offense played. But that's the formula I think you still need to achieve. "[19659002] Finally, Coughlin spoke about the balance in the offense and how it relates to head coach Doug Marrone, when asked about the team's balanced philosophy Coughlin: "It's not my philosophy, it's the philosophy of Coach Marrone. And that's the important thing. But if you adapt over the course of a season, treat points for points and points That's where you are … Sometimes you get away from yourself … And sometimes you fall into a pattern in which it becomes a species Becomes "thing". And you go away from it. There is no doubt that you have to go back and reevaluate who you are.

"When I was training in Division III, it was" whoever needed the ball most of the time we are the most effective. & # 39; Whether you train at school … in professionals, wherever you train. The same goes for the defensive side of the ball. How will you be in a position where the people who are your playmakers will move up?

As for Hackett, Coughlin simply said, "That's exactly what Coach Marrone did at the time. You have to try something.

In 2018, the jaguars have passed the ball 400 times and shot 295, including Bortles' crazy game with 61 attempts against the Chiefs. Bortles was deployed for Cody Kessler last year the Jaguars make 527 pass attempts to 527 Rushing trials, and this year the Jaguars with 35 passes over 20 meters are 22nd in the NFL, and they are about 50- eight times faster than last season's

The real difference is that jaguars are bad in areas where they should be good, falling back to 16 from the first NFL in rushing yards, and spending about 40 more pass yards per game (though this is a country-wide trend.

Coughlin's alarm is clear in his words, and phrases like "Back to the Drawing Board" are not usually said about teams that made the AFC Championship Game the year before, and his warning is justified: The Jaguars are built so that they do not cause to win in the NFL this year r. They need a pass and run game that complements each other, and the Jaguar's attack just seems to be out of sync.

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