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Unidentified gunmen attack Mali shepherds and kill more than 150

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DAKAR – The death toll from unknown attack on Saturday According to a government spokesman, the number of villagers in the center of Mali has risen to 157 when she was one of the worst atrocities of recent times in a country characterized by ethnic violence.

The attack took place when a UN Security Council mission took place in the UN Security Council The West African gold producing country is looking for solutions to violence that killed hundreds of civilians and spread throughout the West African Sahel region last year.

A soldier walks amid the damage following an attack by armed men on Fulani shepherds on Monday. Reuters

An official from a nearby town said on Saturday, armed men who were dressed as traditional Donzo hunters, attacked villages that were occupied by populated villages rival Fulani shepherds, many of whom suspect they Islamist extremists accuse the Fulani.

The attack took place less than a week after a fatal attack by jihadists on an army post that killed at least 23 soldiers, also in the central region of Mali. This attack was demanded by an Al Qaeda member.

"The official death toll is 157," said government spokesman Amadou Kotia. On Saturday, officials said about 134 people were killed, even though they expected the number to increase.

Jihadist groups associated with Al Qaeda and the Islamic State have exploited ethnic rivalries, such as between Fulani and Donzo in Mali and its neighbors Burkina Faso and Niger in recent years, to boost recruitment and vast territories practically ungovernable.

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