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Union scolds MLB for arbitration

Major League Baseball Players Association chief executive Tony Clark scolded MLB and their teams for making a game of arbitration by lending a toy belt to the team that was believed to be the best has done to keep salaries low.

Clubs are doing sports by trying to suppress salaries in a process aimed at creating fair settlements and show an apparent lack of respect for our players, the game and the arbitration itself, "Clark said in one released on Friday.

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The MLB told The Athletic in a story about the competitiveness of arbitration that the toy belt – an "informal" trophy – exists as "reco. Most of these [clubs’] salary ranks have the best results e achieved. "

More than 175 players were admitted to arbitration in this off-season, but the teams were satisfied with the majority of these players, as only 10 cases actually reached the arbitration.

Of these 10, the players won six, which For the third time in four years they have set a new record, but only the fifth time since 1996 and the eleventh time since the beginning of the arbitration in 1974.

But even with big new contracts for Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Nolan Arenado saw the average pay of Major League Baseball drop on opening day for an unprecedented second place in a straight season, according to "The Associated Press."

The average salary now stands at approximately $ 4,375,000, a drop of $ 36,000 from last season.

Of the more than 850 players on the opening day of this season, there were more than 40 Americans reporting that the Pro earned near the league minimum of $ 555,000.

The players' association calculated the last average of last season at $ 4,095,686 and the MLB at $ 4,007,987. The average is based on rosters and injury lists from August 31, the last day before the active player limit was increased from 25 to 40. The union does not consider option buyouts in its average calculation and MLB.

The Associated The press contributed to this report.

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