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United Airlines & CLEAR Announce New Partnership

Woot! It looks like we might soon expect reduced or free CLEAR memberships for more people, and we can expect CLEAR to be extended to more US airports.

What is CLEAR?

I'm a big fan of CLEAR, which I have been for a few years now. CLEAR is a service that allows you to save a lot of airport security time in addition to the TSA pre-check.

The benefit of using CLEAR is that you do not have to hunt to have your ID card checked in the regular line or in the queue before the check-in line, you can switch to the CLEAR line, scan your fingerprints, and then pass the ID checker. As TSA pre-check lines are sometimes longer today than regular lines, you can skip the line for checking your ID card.

It does not always save me time, although I appreciate that it makes my airport experience consistent. Within a few minutes, I am always on the move.

Historically, Delta & CLEAR have worked closely together. Not only do SkyMiles members receive free or reduced CLEAR memberships, we also see more CLEAR availability at delta hubs than at other hubs.

Well, today it was announced that another airline is partnering with CLEAR.

United & CLEAR Announce New Partnership

United Airlines and CLEAR today announced a new partnership . As part of this, United also participates in CLEAR.

There are two aspects this partnership.

Discounted or Free CLEAR Membership for MileagePlus Members

This new partnership includes reduced or free CLEAR membership for selected US MileagePlus members . A CLEAR membership usually costs $ 179. In this partnership,

  • Global Services and Premier 1K members receive a free CLEAR membership.
  • Premier Platinum, Gold and Silver members and most United credit card members receive a free CLEAR membership Reduced membership fee of $ 109
  • All other MileagePlus members receive a reduced membership fee of $ 119

Expect CLEAR on additional United hubs

CLEAR is already available at the United Hubs in Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Los Angeles Washington Dulles.

Not only does this partnership include discounted or free memberships, but the key aspect is that United is making an equity contribution to CLEAR, which will support CLEAR later this summer at the hubs of United in Newark and Houston bring to. and hopefully Chicago in the coming months .

Comparing the Delta & CLEAR Partnership

The price offered to CLEAR United MileagePlus members, mo This is similar to what Delta SkyMiles members offer:

  • Diamond Medallion members receive a free CLEAR membership Membership.
  • Platinum, Gold and Silver members and most Delta credit card members receive a reduced membership fee of $ 109
  • All other SkyMiles members receive a reduced membership fee of $ 119.

Is there a downside to this partnership?

All in all, I think this is a fantastic development. To keep the balance: If an airline works with CLEAR in this way, one can assume that many people are suddenly signing up for a CLEAR membership.

If I fly out of an American terminal, then CLEAR is a pretty "exclusive" experience (since there are not many other people), while at some Delta hubs I felt as if a significant percentage of the passengers had CLEAR As an existing CLEAR member, you can expect the number of people using Clear in Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington Dulles to increase significantly.


CLEAR is a fantastic innovation I'm a fan of everything that allows you to expand to more airports. I would have thought that Delta and CLEAR made some kind of exclusive agreement, even though it may have recently expired. So we see Delta and United in a similar way as partners of CLEAR.

the least innovative of the three US airlines. My home airport Miami has CLEAR, but only in the non-American terminals. I learned from CLEAR representatives at the airport that Americans have refused to take them to the American terminal. I guess because Americans do not like nice things.

Look forward to the new United & CLEAR partnership

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