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United Auto Workers Union Approves New Employment Contract with Ford

Gary Jones, president of UAW International (left), and Ford Ford President Bill Ford, shake hands on July 15, 2019 at Ford World Headquarters to begin negotiating a new contract.


DETROIT – United Auto Workers members have approved a new four-year deal with Ford Motor, the union said Friday night.

The contract was supported by 56.3% of Ford members who voted according to the UAW.

After the deal, Ford has to invest more than $ 6 billion in its US manufacturing facilities to create or maintain 8,500 US jobs. At the same time, the automaker can close an engine plant in Michigan. Temporary workers and allowances of $ 3,500 for temporary workers.

Reigning UAW President Rory Gamble, who oversees the union's Ford workers, described the deal as "a life-changing contract for many" of the approximately 55,000 simple members of the automaker.

"Ford's commitment to job security and assembly in the US is a role model for American manufacturers," Gamble said in a Friday night press release.

Gamble took over the union's responsibility after UAW President Gary Jones said goodbye on November 3, days after he was involved in an investigation into corruption in the union. Jones, whose house in Michigan was attacked by federal agents in August, was not charged by the federal prosecutor.

Ford Industry President Joe Hinrichs said the company was "pleased" that it was able to quickly reach an "agreement with the UAW without costly production shutdown."

"This deal helps Ford improve our competitiveness and protect well-paid construction contracts, "he said in a press release.

Ford's deal follows the union ratifying a deal with General Motors After a 40-day strike, the automaker is expected to generate adjusted earnings before interest and taxes of up to $ 4 billion in 201


Ford's deal reflected GM's agreement that the 3% increases or 4% capital included premiums for each contract year, which would reduce the cost of self-service care by about 3% and provide temporary workers with the opportunity To become a full-time employee.

The union will now turn to Fiat Chrysler, the last of the union's Detroit automakers to negotiate for 2019.

It is expected that the UAW's talks with Fiat Chrysler are more controversial than those with Ford in the midst of a federal investigation into union corruption that began with the Italian-American automaker. There is also uncertainty about the future of the company as part of a planned merger with the French automaker PSA Group.

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